How to be happy

Charlie Munger, the business partner of Warren Buffet says the following. I think it is clever because he says to do it you have to let go of negative feelings.

“You don’t have a lot of envy.

“You don’t have a lot of resentment.

“You don’t overspend your income.

“You stay cheerful in spite of your troubles.

“You deal with reliable people.

“And you do what you’re supposed to do.

“And all these simple rules work so well to make your life better. And they’re so trite.”

His prescription is logical, he says.

“Staying cheerful” is “a wise thing to do,” Munger told Quick, adding that in order to do so, you have to let go of negative feelings.

“And can you be cheerful when you’re absolutely mired in deep hatred and resentment? Of course you can’t. So why would you take it on?” Munger said.


It is easy to be used to adrenaline and excitement, this means you look for things that cause you that, or get bored when you don’t have them.

However these are things that cause you anxiety, fear and so on. You are basically looking for problems.

So look at things which bring you peace.

It is good to go and get things, but be careful that when you get them, you don’t throw them away as you are bored by them. All because you are addicted to, or in the habit of having adrenaline and excitement.

You need to value peace, as without peace you cannot be happy.

Yes it can be boring, but still value it.

Self love and self respect

To have a happy life, a person needs to have self-love and self-respect. It doesn’t matter having all these things from the outside, if you don’t have them on the inside.

To achieve this you have to have done good moral things, otherwise you will just hate yourself.

You have to be a good moral person for things to work out, if they don’t work out how can you respect yourself.

You also have to allow yourself to love and respect yourself.

Cheer yourself on like you would a football team

People put loads of effort into cheering on football teams, people they’ve never met, don’t know them, or care about them.

You also need to cheer on yourself like you would a football team. If you don’t do that you’ll unhappy.

You also have to celebrate yourself, celebrate your successes, and so on.

Being happy as a person

It’s very easy to think you’ll be happy if you have a certain possession or thing.

Such as you’ll be happy if you have a partner, children, a certain toy, object and so on.

However in the whole scheme of things, these things won’t get make you happy, it’s how you are as a person.

So you need to be happy as a person. It’s not about whether you have these things or not. You are happy and well as a person and not by being attached to things.

So you are happy as a person, not happy because you are attached to things.

Having what you need, not what you want

Wanting things makes you miserable, you are dissatisfied as you don’t have enough.

You need to be able to have enough, or you’ll never satisfied, you just want more.

So having what you need is good, such as you need food to live. However wanting things never makes you satisfied and there’s also the added problem of you are then worried about losing them.

Interestingly people who have a lot, often find that the happiest time of their life was when they lost all their money through maybe some financial misfort. When they had nothing they were actually happiest.

So a person may have lots of power, money and so on. Other people see them and think they’re happy, but actually they’re not. They’re just attached to these things and really wanting them.

Of course it’s good to have what you need, such as medical help, a safe home and so on. However the big difference is between need and want.

Having it for others

If you are happy, then other people will be happy too.

This is because the universe is one, so if you are happy it goes on to other people.

If you selfishly want to be happy, you won’t be happy because that’s just a dark hole of sucking and taking.

If you are happy for the sake of others, so you’re happiness is so that it goes to other people and they get it, then you will be given more more.

It’s like an endless virtuous circle of you being happy so others get it and so you get more. It’s not for you, it’s for others and so it passes and goes through you.

So the best way to be happy is to think about making other people happy.

The best way to feel good is thinking about making other people feel good.

If you are just thinking about yourself feeling good, it’s just a dark sucky path of selfishness that does not feel good.

Being with yourself

This is how you are with yourself, regardless of:

1, How you make yourself look to others, you can fake this

2, The job, friends, family and so on.

It is how you are when you are by yourself, even if 1 & 2 are gone. This is your core.

If you have done selfish things, being with yourself can be hard because you have to face the wrong you’ve done. You have to face your negative sides and problems.

You have to face yourself.

Date yourself, like you would if you’re looking for a romantic partner. This will help you to learn what you’re like.

Don’t run away from yourself.

Be content and happy being with yourself.

Be nice to yourself.

Listen to yourself, watch yourself, don’t just talk to yourself all the time. This is how you will learn what you’re about

Treat yourself the same way that you hope others would treat you.

Being in the now

When you are worrying about the future and thinking about the past, you are in the ego.

You often worrying about things that will never happen in the future and things that will never happened in the past.

The now is what really is, it is where happiness is.

Being in the now is where you access higher words, spirit, heaven and God, because it’s where the truth of them is.


People who desperately have to be with others, it’s often because they don’t want to face or be with themselves.

They don’t want to face the bad things they’ve done, so need to be looking at the outside world and others.

They may have such bad mental constructs that they put their negative energy into others which is why they need them around. They put their stress, worries, concern, and so on into others.

They may also not be very nice to themselves, they push themselves around and so on. For example if somebody came from a very ambitious upbringing, they might push themselves really hard to do things and not be nice to themselves.

To be ok being by yourself, you’ve got to be nice to yourself. Imagine how you treat others, and then think about if you treat yourself the same way.

The big one is to accept yourself and how you are.

The people who can be by themselves for long periods of time, are the people who have dated themselves. This means you see and learn about being with yourself, like you do when going on a date with someone and deciding if you want to be with that person.

They have faced themselves so they are fine with being in their own.

The people who have not faced themselves, have to face themselves when they are with themselves for long periods of time. They cannot cope with being by themselves for long periods of time.

The people who have dated themselves before and so been with themselves, can be alone for long periods of time as they have already faced themselves.

It does not matter if lots of people love you, if you don’t love yourself.

Think about how you would like others to be to you, and be like that to yourself. Be loving, kind, compassionate and so on.

Do not bully yourself to perform better and so on.

People often look at how they are to themselves, how they are to their subconscious. You also have to look at how your subconscious is to you, just like how when in a date, you look at how the person you are on the date with is to you

When things get difficult don’t be tough on yourself to push yourself harder, it makes it even harder to live with yourself and so you get even more lonely.

Some people who are lonely, it’s because they’re not nice to themselves. As a result they need other people to be nice to them. The answer is to love yourself and be nice to yourself. You have to capacity to heal yourself and be good to yourself.

Not cut off from others and yourself

In the same way that you can be in a room with lots of other people and still be alone, because psychologically you’re cut off them.

Maybe you’re scared so have your barriers up, are overly controlling to others, or other things that create barriers.

You can also be cut off from yourself and so feel alone, as you don’t have your own company. It can happen if you’ve been overly tough or controlling to yourself. You need to be soft and gentle to yourself to create a relationship with yourself.

Self worth

People who can’t cope with being by themselves, whether it’s being at home by themselves without the company of other people, having to be with friends all the time, or have to get into another romantic relationship. It’s because they don’t have any self-worth.

They need other people to validate them and show them that they’re okay. They need to have other people around to prove to themselves that they’re worthy. This is because by themselves they don’t have enough self-worth, to think they are worthy.

To not be lonely you have to be authentically yourself with others, otherwise they just have the fakeness which means you’re actually alone because it is not actually you with others.

If you can’t cope with being with yourself, how can you expect other people to also want to be with you?

There are people who can’t cope with being by themselves, it can be because they don’t like being with themselves.

They need the distractions and good energies of other people, because they can’t cope with their own and themselves.

However, how can you expect other people to want to be with you if you can’t be with yourself, because you don’t like yourself or feel comfortable with yourself.

So in the same way that you look at what’s needed for other people to want to be with you.

Have a look at what’s needed for you to want to be with you. This means you will look at your energies, thoughts, the things you say to yourself and so on.

Listening to others

To be a good listener, you have to genuinely care about the other person.

The other person will want to talk because you genuinely care about them, empathize and sympathize. it may take a while for them to break down their wall, but they eventually will, because they can see you genuinely care and are interested.

You are genuinely upset if they have had a bad experience, or are in a bad way and so on.

Because of this they will be able to see your reaction to what you are saying, as you are experiencing what they are telling you.

As a result you don’t need to say much, they can see everything from your reaction.

This means they can see what is going on and what they need to do, because they can see it from how you are experiencing it.

People will be willing to talk because you genuinely care and are interested in them. Their thoughts, feelings and how they are.


When you are angry at somebody or something, you are the person that has anger.

However, having anger can hurt you as well as the other person.

Anger wants to destroy.

If you see someone biting their nails, biting their inner lip, wanting to hurt themselves such as self harm. People often think this is for stress relief, it’s actually that they have anger.

This anger is hurting themselves.

So having anger can be very bad for your health, because it attacks you as well.

That is why forgiving others is important, because it releases you from having anger.

Being nice to yourself

People who grow up in an environment of achievement and pushing yourself to achieve things, such as having parents who do that. Their formative years can make them have the habit of pushing themselves too hard as well.

The parents were too strict and the child ends up being too strict with themselves as well

The child may also have grown up in an environment where if they didn’t do something perfectly, then they will be punished. Maybe their parents high achievers and the child cannot achieve those levels, so feels like a failure.

People like this can be adults who push themselves too hard and also are not be nice to themselves. They think that if they push and force themselves, bully themselves to do things and so on. They thing this wil make themselves achieve more.

However they can be so nasty to themselves that they can’t concentrate, think or achieve anything.

These people will also be very sad and not happy with their own company, this is because they are not nice to themselves. Other people won’t want to be friendly with them as this is not nice to be around. Also if the person is not nice to themselves, they cannot truly be nice to others, as they are going through personal hell.

A person who is nice to themselves, giving themselves compassion and sympathy will like being with themselves, because they are nice to be with. Think of how you should be sympathetic, compassionate and give love to other people, you need to treat yourself in the same way.

A lot of how a person is stressed and so on is how they are to themselves. Maybe a person will be very stressed in all situations, because they are pushing themselves and not being nice to themselves

A way to understand this is think what it’s like for people when they’re running and doing exercise, they push themselves to keep going.

This is how a person is to themselves and demonstrates this separateness.

A person also needs to understand that they are themselves and their whole being is one.

In the same way you should be nice to others so they are comfortable, relaxed and able to perform better. You should be nice to yourself so you can perform better.

A person who is not nice themselves, is often desperate for other people to be nice to them. This is because they are not nice to themselves and so need it from others. If you are nice to yourself, you don’t need it so much that others are nice to you.

You are being nice to yourself, so you don’t need it from others so much.

If you are desperate for other people to be nice to you, this neediness is a taking thing that also is not nice for others to be around.

Getting respect

Stop trying to get the approval of people who like to disapprove of others, to get their approval you have to do things that you don’t agree with, or are not right for you.

Instead focus on people who inspire you to be great and do good things that are right.

Then focus on getting your own approval.

Being in the now

By being in the now, a person can be aware of what is really going on.

This that enables a person to go from the physical world, up to higher realities such as the divine and God. This is because they are in the now which is reality.

Most people are either living in the past or the future.

The past is not dangerous because no what happened.

The future is about dreaming and fantasy of what could be.

People do not like to focus on the now as it is reality. They do not like to take the risk, face the unknown and so on.

Being in the now needs courage, as do not really know what’s going to happen.

Most people when they do something new for the first time have a success. For example the first time someone meditates, they have good results.

However they then spend the next 30 years trying to get the same results again. As a result the future meditations are never as good. This is because they are focused on the past and not the reality of now.

The reality of now means they do whatever is needed for things to work and be real now.

Being in the now also means face that things are changing.

Being in the here and now is easier

When a person is thinking of the past and the future.

They are thinking about the past.

They are worrying and working out the future. Often it’s worrying about a thing that could happen in the future.

However the here and now is here, so it is less work. You are not having to think and work things out that are with you now, you are having to think about and create them.

So being in the here and now enables a person to rest and relax.

To get the most out of things and be able to learn, a person has to be watchful and mindful. However that is still less strain than thinking all the time.

So if you need to rest, one way is to focus on the here and now.

When you are worrying about the future, it can be as horrible to experience it as having that actual thing you’re worried about happening. So you won’t just have the thing you are worrying about in the future, you have it throughout your whole life.



Higher order spiritual knowledge is only given to people who are mature, wise and seeking to serve The Holy One. ‘Warren, kabballah history book’

Traps that stop us loving and serving higher beings.

The ruling elite generally believe that they are threatened by the unknown as it is beyond their comprehension. Knowledge is power and the primitive mind fears what it cannot command ‘warren Kabballah history book’

If they do not have power over it so they see it as not theirs, a rival. They may also be people who see things they cannot control as threats. This is because they think that others are evil like they are, they are bad people so presume others are bad like them, they are evil so like and attracts like and this is the type of people they are surrounded by and believe the world us like. Like they are a business competing for money, or power so they do not want others to win.

They should see that the world is one, good things benefit all and not just them, or others. They should be happy for the good thing and see it is an opportunity to learn from them.

On an inner level we must not hate god and higher things because we cannot control them.

We must not hate higher entities and god because they are different from us, a kind of inner racism.

We must not be jealous of god, because god has everything in existence. The world belongs to god because god made it.

We must love and cherish higher entities that are good. We must love and submit to God and live under God’s ways.

People normally believe in traditions, habits and routines, which may or may not be based on truth. You need to focus on truth, but realise that traditions, routines and habits do have their place.

Need to see traditions, habits and routines for what they are, they are not truth itself.

In most of the world people are at the top of society because they used force to get there, it needs to be that society is ruled by the wise, protected by the strong and served by the masses.

Serving someone means that they command you, so only serve good people. You need to serve God who is goid.

Whatever you are good at what, your talents are, you have a moral responsibility to do it. It maybe that you have very few talents but you still have the same duty.

Easy to be seduced by success, so a person thinks they can do anything. As a result a person does things that are morally wrong, because they think they get away with it. Also does things which are complacent and arrogant so never work.

Just because a person has done something before and gotten away with it does not mean it works everytime. An example would be crossing the road without looking. Also such things can blow up to be bigger and bigger until they fall down, an example would be getting into debt.

If there is an uneasy feeling on their psychic level, it normally means that someone has lied.

Zev Ben Shimon Halevi’s Kabbalistic View of History book ‘those who lose contact with their souls become what is called the “living dead”, that is, without any conscience. Many psychopaths are in this class.

Astrology and the stock market

JP Morgan Bank ‘Millionaires do not use astrology, billionaires do’

Pluto is in each sign for about 15 years.

Eg. It was in Sagettarius from about 1992 to 2007, so had that it had an expansion and then 2007 came the crisis when into Capricorn.

Debt expanded under Sagettarius and then the practical reality of Capricorn made the problem more realistically viewed.

Pluto is in Capricorn until 2023

So in Capricorn are paying all the debt and excess of the previous years.

In 2017 -2013, so about next 5 years, there will be a crisis about the debt, such as inflation increase, interest rates, or something. This will stop money printing and will create a small drama.

Can look at other planets like moon for short term trading. Start investing in the new moon, which is when sun and moon are in same sign. Never invest in an eclipse.

Investing in new moon and selling in full moon. There are university studies on this. Typing things like new moon stock market into a search engine brings up loads of information on this.

The returns are 3 times greater on the stock market if buy in new moon and sell in full moon compared to just buy and hold. Research on this covers over a 100 year period. Have to consider Pluto for these returns.

Investor needs to work out if want proper returns, or just beating index. No point beating index, if index is going down. Then beating the index, is just making less of a loss than the index.

Mercury when retrograde in that period a lot of news from one place to another and no one knows what to do, so best to do nothing because of most communication. Can still go up if out comes out good news during Mercury retrograde, but is risky as all uncertain so best not to invest during this time.

Need to look at whole chart and interpret it in with regards the situation. It is not a 100% as is not a pure science.