A man having long term relationships with a woman

Getting to know the lady as a person

Men when checking out a lady may just look at her breasts and other physical sexual attributes.

However for a relationship to work they have to like them as a person, a friend and companion.

A man wanting to sleep with a lady has nothing to do with if they are compatible for going through life together as assets to each other.

So the man have to look at women as a person, get to know her as a person, see if he finds her interesting as a person and likes her.

This is also as man will only fall in love when he has an emotional connection with a woman.

Without that he will get bored of the woman he is with, or just see another attractive woman and go for her.
Being open

Need to be open to be able fall in love, cannot be closed off.

To fall in love, need the heart, heart shakra to be open, to fall in love.

Need to be open so the lady can get to know the man and who he is. Then for example a man can tell her personal things about himself, his loves, passions, things he wants etc.

Without this cannot experience a lady and fall in love with her.
Giving emotional support

Women want their man to give them emotional support.

When they have a problen they want the man to say they understand how hard it is, sypathise, say how great what they are doing is, be on their side.

Not tell them how to do it, how to solve the problem, unless they ask them for it.

This is because:
●Men are about doing, so tell the lady what should do. A woman may not at that time want that.
●In telling them how to do it, it will in some degree be different from what they are doing and so telling them that they are wrong, be a change, or the woman just wants to do it how they want to do it.

Often the lady just wants the man to listen to their problems, the woman knows it will not solve the problems , but it will make them feel better.

Entertaining the lady

Women want men who are charming, entertaining, and makes them laugh.

They do not want to be with a boring man.

Women want a man that will constantly entertain them, it is something the man provides to the woman.

Need to make sure that the lady is continually entertained. If she is bored with her man, she will dump him.

This is not just about variety in sex life. It is also about going to different places on holiday, different adventurous places, activities, restaurants and all the different kinds of things that she wants to do.

Just because she wanted to do something at one time, does not mean she wants to do the same thing again.

One lady said to me that women themselves don’t even know what they will want to do, it just changes. It is because of women’s hormones and also women work off feelings more than men. Men are more thinking, women are more feeling.

Giving them time attention and intimacy

Most women would like to spend all their time with their man, all of it.

They want a lot of attention and a lot of intimacy.

Things start to go wrong if you ignore them and don’t give them time, attention, affection and intimacy.

They want you to spend a lot of time listening to what they have to say and being emotionally supportive.

For example, when you come in from work, the first thing you do is go and see her, spend time with her and give her attention.