Being with yourself

This is how you are with yourself, regardless of:

1, How you make yourself look to others, you can fake this

2, The job, friends, family and so on.

It is how you are when you are by yourself, even if 1 & 2 are gone. This is your core.

If you have done selfish things, being with yourself can be hard because you have to face the wrong you’ve done. You have to face your negative sides and problems.

You have to face yourself.

Date yourself, like you would if you’re looking for a romantic partner. This will help you to learn what you’re like.

Don’t run away from yourself.

Be content and happy being with yourself.

Be nice to yourself.

Listen to yourself, watch yourself, don’t just talk to yourself all the time. This is how you will learn what you’re about

Treat yourself the same way that you hope others would treat you.

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