Being nice to yourself

People who grow up in an environment of achievement and pushing yourself to achieve things, such as having parents who do that. Their formative years can make them have the habit of pushing themselves too hard as well.

The parents were too strict and the child ends up being too strict with themselves as well

The child may also have grown up in an environment where if they didn’t do something perfectly, then they will be punished. Maybe their parents high achievers and the child cannot achieve those levels, so feels like a failure.

People like this can be adults who push themselves too hard and also are not be nice to themselves. They think that if they push and force themselves, bully themselves to do things and so on. They thing this wil make themselves achieve more.

However they can be so nasty to themselves that they can’t concentrate, think or achieve anything.

These people will also be very sad and not happy with their own company, this is because they are not nice to themselves. Other people won’t want to be friendly with them as this is not nice to be around. Also if the person is not nice to themselves, they cannot truly be nice to others, as they are going through personal hell.

A person who is nice to themselves, giving themselves compassion and sympathy will like being with themselves, because they are nice to be with. Think of how you should be sympathetic, compassionate and give love to other people, you need to treat yourself in the same way.

A lot of how a person is stressed and so on is how they are to themselves. Maybe a person will be very stressed in all situations, because they are pushing themselves and not being nice to themselves

A way to understand this is think what it’s like for people when they’re running and doing exercise, they push themselves to keep going.

This is how a person is to themselves and demonstrates this separateness.

A person also needs to understand that they are themselves and their whole being is one.

In the same way you should be nice to others so they are comfortable, relaxed and able to perform better. You should be nice to yourself so you can perform better.

A person who is not nice themselves, is often desperate for other people to be nice to them. This is because they are not nice to themselves and so need it from others. If you are nice to yourself, you don’t need it so much that others are nice to you.

You are being nice to yourself, so you don’t need it from others so much.

If you are desperate for other people to be nice to you, this neediness is a taking thing that also is not nice for others to be around.

Getting respect

Stop trying to get the approval of people who like to disapprove of others, to get their approval you have to do things that you don’t agree with, or are not right for you.

Instead focus on people who inspire you to be great and do good things that are right.

Then focus on getting your own approval.

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