How to not go into the friends zone on a date

When a man is speaking with a woman that he wants to be with as boyfriend/girlfriend, it is very important that a man is romantic, loving, affectionate. The man loves her, gives her love.

The man creates a romantic mood of love, kissing, cuddles, hugs.

This is done with the mood, emotions of the man, how he looks at her and behaves towards her, speaks to her etc. He is a lover.

Woman wants a man that loves them, wants them, wants to look after them, thinks they are incredibly beautiful etc.

Also he must be a man and male for her. He must be nice to the lady and treat her like a lady. However he is a potential boyfriend and must act like that, not like a potential female friend for the lady.

Without this it will just be like friends and the man will be a friend, and not become a boyfriend etc. As he is not a male and that is what the woman wants and is attracted to.

Some guys focus on trying to be the woman’s friend, people want friends like themselves, so he ends up acting in a feminine way. You are not being their friend, you are being their boyfriend, a male.

Of course it’s nice for the woman if you are the male version of them.

Attracting women, what to do on a date

Where to go

The girl loves it if the man has done his homework to find what and where she likes, or will like. It shows he cares about and loves them.

What to do

As long as the lady likes that kind of thing, must feed them, however if just get them drunk it will just get silly and 24 hours later she will forget you. A romantic dinner is a must on the first date to get the lady’s romantic juices flowing.

The lady must see it that love is the man’s first priority.

That you like her

The man must make it really clear that he likes her.  As a result would like to see her again.

This must be done that the man really likes her and would like to see her again.   This must not done in a pressurised taking way, but that he is giving to the girl. He likes her, he is not taking and pushing her around.

So at the end of the day to make it clear  would like to see her again, when you are free and make it as soon as possible, because you really want to see her.

A man having long term relationships with a woman

Getting to know the lady as a person

Men when checking out a lady may just look at her breasts and other physical sexual attributes.

However for a relationship to work they have to like them as a person, a friend and companion.

A man wanting to sleep with a lady has nothing to do with if they are compatible for going through life together as assets to each other.

So the man have to look at women as a person, get to know her as a person, see if he finds her interesting as a person and likes her.

This is also as man will only fall in love when he has an emotional connection with a woman.

Without that he will get bored of the woman he is with, or just see another attractive woman and go for her.
Being open

Need to be open to be able fall in love, cannot be closed off.

To fall in love, need the heart, heart shakra to be open, to fall in love.

Need to be open so the lady can get to know the man and who he is. Then for example a man can tell her personal things about himself, his loves, passions, things he wants etc.

Without this cannot experience a lady and fall in love with her.
Giving emotional support

Women want their man to give them emotional support.

When they have a problen they want the man to say they understand how hard it is, sypathise, say how great what they are doing is, be on their side.

Not tell them how to do it, how to solve the problem, unless they ask them for it.

This is because:
●Men are about doing, so tell the lady what should do. A woman may not at that time want that.
●In telling them how to do it, it will in some degree be different from what they are doing and so telling them that they are wrong, be a change, or the woman just wants to do it how they want to do it.

Often the lady just wants the man to listen to their problems, the woman knows it will not solve the problems , but it will make them feel better.

Entertaining the lady

Women want men who are charming, entertaining, and makes them laugh.

They do not want to be with a boring man.

Women want a man that will constantly entertain them, it is something the man provides to the woman.

Need to make sure that the lady is continually entertained. If she is bored with her man, she will dump him.

This is not just about variety in sex life. It is also about going to different places on holiday, different adventurous places, activities, restaurants and all the different kinds of things that she wants to do.

Just because she wanted to do something at one time, does not mean she wants to do the same thing again.

One lady said to me that women themselves don’t even know what they will want to do, it just changes. It is because of women’s hormones and also women work off feelings more than men. Men are more thinking, women are more feeling.

Giving them time attention and intimacy

Most women would like to spend all their time with their man, all of it.

They want a lot of attention and a lot of intimacy.

Things start to go wrong if you ignore them and don’t give them time, attention, affection and intimacy.

They want you to spend a lot of time listening to what they have to say and being emotionally supportive.

For example, when you come in from work, the first thing you do is go and see her, spend time with her and give her attention.

Attracting women


These are the most fundamental things from which a lot of the things below come from.

Women want:

▪A man who makes them feel good and beautiful, a lover.

Love is very important. The man loving them, makes them feel good and beautiful. The man does things for them because he loves them, because she is so wonderful.

▪The king of the jungle. Like the lion is the king of the jungle.

In anthroplogy, in the hurd girls want protection, gifts and elevation of social status.

It is important that the man is confident that they are attractive.

If they believe they are attractive, the girls they are trying to attract will believe so too.

If the man not does not believe that he is attractive, other people will think they are not attractive.

If a man thinks that he is attractive, then others will also think that he is attractive.

Also a man cannot do and be masculine if he is not confident, as that is needed to be masculine. Confidence is needed to go ahead and do things effectively, fully and properly.

It’s a bit like in dancing where the woman wants the man to lead. However he can only do that if he is confident so can really hold the woman and so on.

The woman wants it to be though, that when the man does lead, he does it nicely as he cares about them. He is not pushy, nasty or controlling to them.

Also if person has self esteem then they are not so worried about other people think and so to dependent on them.

The man needs to be confident so that he can:
▪get out there
▪be masculine
▪chase after the women
▪do things to his fullest without pulling back
▪show them himself well

Ultimately women find confidence in a man very sexy and attractive.

If the man is shy he cannot for example, put his arm around a lady like a man would. If he is shy so he for example backs off when being with a woman, it is not masculine and so not attractive to women.

A man who is confident in himself and what he can do. The man must be totally and utterly confident, without any doubt, fear or worry in any way shape or form that he can do it.

If a man is insecure they also cannot be sexually attractive. This means they are subject to fears, doubts, are uneasy and anxious. They must be self confident and assured.

However of course it is a balance like anything, because a person needs to know the truth about themselves, otherwise they loose touch with reality.


Women are attracted to powerful men:

-a lawyer in a big important company, doing big important cases
-a dj with a massive following who has a large audience watching him
-a man in charge of a large staff.

The man needs to have great presentation and put themselves over as a powerful man.

To be powerful, a man has to be confident.

This can attract women like a moth to a flame.

Women want to be ‘swept off their feet’ by a man, the more powerful that man is, the more they feel that the man can do that. This is strong physically, psychologically and emotionally

A woman wants a man who will cherish them and be worthy of their affections.
Attracting a women: women want a man with authority, a dominant man who is in control.

They want the man to be in charge, in charge of things in life and able to be in charge in their relationship. This is the masculine principle, the man plans the date, the positions during sex etc. However of course the woman gives her consent and is soft and nurturing which is the feminine side.
Successful women seductresses make their men feel good, listen to their men and then have sex with them.
Who women see as the best man to mate with

If a man is beyond handsome… electrifyingly gorgeous, he comes across as self-assured, confident, in control, ambitious. From a good family such as his mother is a top doctor, his father a successful attorney. He’s wealthy beyond imagination and his wealth was largely of his own making, a real go-getter type of man, the kind of person who gets things done. If his character had existed back in prehistoric times, this would have been the caveman who knew how to hunt, bring his kill back for his family and would have protected his family fearlessly from all dangers. This aspect speaks to the primal sense of finding the best mate to create and protect a family.

The best male also means that genetically their children will be the best offspring. So if a lady wants her children to have certain aspects, she will ensure that man she is going to mate with, has those aspects to ensure her children have them.

Women do you want a rich mate, but if you do not have money, ambition is also important. Ambition means the man will make money even, if they do not right now. Women want it to be that if they are going to get pregnant, their man will provide for them and not just sit on the sofa, so they will have to look after like them like they are another son.

Using a nature analogy, women want their man to be the king of the jungle, the lion. They do not want the mouse. So the man must be the strongest, cleverest, most powerful, courageous, bravest and so on. Even if the man has the first three of the previous sentence, in reality he cannot be anything without courage and bravery.

Women want to be with you alpha male, this is the a man with the dominant or domineering role in social or professional situations. They do not want the beta male who is a secondary person lower down in the hierarchy.

To be an alpha male the lady knows that has to be ambitious, as this means they will be driven to succeed and be number 1. so a man who spends time lying on the sofa watching television and not being the best he can be, will not be attractive.

Being scarred, embarrassed, intimidated by anything, or weak, stops a man from being or looking like an alpha male.

Women want a man who is strong and with a beta male the woman may end up telling him what to do and that is no fun for them.


Women are very very wary about having a man who wants to be with them and only them.

Women feel that the love only builds when the man is only interested them and no one else.

Women want to have a long term relationship with the man, so the man must not want any other lady and the man must love them.

Getting commitment is a big thing for women, marriage is also a big thing for them and the security that a man has committed to them.

Genetically and on an animal level, men would like to impregnate as many women as possible. So once they are sure they have planted their seed the female is less interesting and they would like to move on. Women are very wary of this and so the man has to prove that is not the case.

However when a lady gets pregnant she needs the man to hunt, provide for, fight for her while pregnant, delivering the baby and, when the child is being brought up and for her generally. That is why a wiman wants to know that the man is committed to providing for her, will put her first, spend all his time on her and the child and also will never leave them.

They know that they must cover up from the man in the early days of the relationship, how very worried they are about this, or they will scare the man away.

If a woman has a man cheat on them, it seriously ruins their confidence. If the man has sex with someone else it means the girl is not special. It is also really hard for them to get over being hurt like that.

So when on a date the lady will want it to be that you only want to chat with them, not the waiter, other people or anyone else even for a chat . You just want to be and chat with them and not look at anything or anyone else.

This can be the same for weekends away and so on. There maybe other people on a nearby table the man would like to chat with socially, but the woman may want it to be that the man only wants to chat with her.
What women want

Women want a real man, that means someone who can handle and cope with a sensual, confident and self assured woman.

An emotionally strong, confident, man who is secure in who he is.

He cares about her, asks how her day is going, asks if she would like a bubble bath and so on.

Successful high powered career women find it very difficult to find a man, because it has to be a man who is very secure in who he is.

This is probably the most important thing for a woman. Woman look for true love, they check to ensure it is true, because so many men will pretend to be in love with a girl to sleep with her, but they are not in love with her.

Women want a man who makes them feel good and beautiful, a lover.

Women want a man who loves them, it is really important to them. Things that will help guide a man with this are:

▪ nothing is too much trouble. The man will do anything for them as he loves the lady so much
▪ the man who knows what the lady would like because he loves her so much. So she does not have to ask him for anything, he just knows as he loves and cares about her so much.
▪ The man is there to do whatever she needs, when she needs things, however she needs them.

Spending a lot of time with a lady is a sign for them that you love them.

Women want it that a man will fight for them to protect them, defend their honour and so on. A man who is a hero. However the big reason they want a man to do this for them, is that it shows that the man really loves them.

Women want a man who loves them and that is a big deal. It is emotional and makes them go ‘ahhhhhh’ in a good way.

Women want a man who can give a lot of love.

A man who is devoted to the lady, gives a lot of devotion to that lady, only to that lady.

Women are emotional, they want to fall in love, have someone they can give their heart to. However as they do not want to be hurt and they can be hurt when they give their heart to someone. They are very careful about the man they do this with, really want to know him well and be able to trust that he will not hurt them by leaving them.

Whereas men are more about having sex, women ultimately want to fall in love. To help this process the man has to love the lady.

Wheras men seek sex, women seek love and affirmation.

With sex, men want to put their seed inside a woman, for women they want emotional fulfillment.

Giving love

A woman wants and needs to receive love, like a car needs fuel.

She needs it to function, be in the world.

The man needs to be able to and know how to give love, he actually loves her and gives it to her. The feeling, emotion and actual existance of love.

If a man is in a bar and is giving love, then girls will just want to come up to and be with him, to receive love.

All the love letters, poems, gifts, notes, touches, pictures painted of her, kisses, time spent on them etc. that women want from their man, are all ways of the girl getting love. Love is what they want and need.

Women want love in all different ways that they can get it. For example the way a man looks at her like he loves her, touches her like he loves her etc.

Women like being with a man even just for this.

A woman wants a man who will go for it in chasing them, make a move, take charge. That is part of being a man and being masculine.

Women want it to be that there is a man who is coming to get them.

They want a real man, that really will go up to them, puts the effort into getting their phone number, chases them, is not worried by rejection as he is a real man with courage.

Women want it to be that a man loves them, thinks they are fantastic, chases them, is obsessed by them, wines and dines them. This makes them feel desired and feminine.

Biologically they are the beautiful passive flower and it the active male that wants to woo her so that he can impregnate her. So the woman wants and expects the man to do the chasing, it is the bit she wants.

She also wants it to be the man loves her and only her, he will look after and protect her.

Women love it when ft a man looks at them, likes them, it is a real power thing for them and compliment.

Patty Stanger says that a man needs to learn how to ‘hunt and fish’, when a man sees a girl they like, they have to go up to her and not be a coward.

The woman then likes it that she can then decide if she wants to go along with it, or not. So the man needs to be a gentleman in doing this, treating the girl like a lady.

For example, the man will not ask the girl if he can kiss her, they want him to make a move such as lean forward to try and to kiss her. Then it is up to her if she wants to lean forward into the kiss, or lean back so they will not kiss.

Asking a girl if you can kiss them, ruins the mood and the moment of romance.

  • Some men choose to ask the girl if he can kiss her, because he is scared of being rejected, but if the man does ask if he can kiss her, he is seen as pathetic by the lady. The man has to just do it and be a man about being okay with the rejection if the girl pulls back so not to be kissed. He knows he will be rejected if he leans forward and so is just saving himself from that embarrassment, or he is just a coward.

Women see it that:
▪Coffee is cheap (so best avoided)
▪Drinks are an audition
▪Lunch is an interview
▪Dinner is romance

So once met a girl and ask her out, must be a 5 star date.

Seen from another side, the woman may let the man have sex with her, but the man has to work for it by doing things for the women, proving their devotion etc.

So women want it that the man woos them, takes them out for dinner and does things for them as he wants them. When you take a woman out for dinner, it is all part of the courtship they want.

However as you are serving them, it’s best to do what they actually want and not just be derivative. Eg. may have some pressing problem like a package they can’t stay in for and if you do that, it’s what they really want and shows you actually care.


Women want a man who will fight, protect and work for them.

Patty Stanger says

Women what to man to be chivalrous and being chivalrous goes a very long way for women.

It is kind of dying as men do not want to be men, they want to be the girl in the relationship. Now that women are earning their own money, they figure they do not have to pay the dinner bill, open the car door, but that goes a very very long way with a lady.

However women want a man who will look after them and so for example pay for the dinner bill. Chivalry goes a very long way with women.

▪if there is something the lady needs, going and getting it or doing it for them. The more specific it is to her real needs the better it is, as shows the man really cares about and so listens to them.
▪even little things like opening the door for them, walking the lady from the car to her door when he drops them off etc.

The old analogy of a woman being swept off her feet by prince charming is a good one. Very feminist women may like to say and even think they do not want this, but they do.
A relationship

Women want a man who is interested in them as a person, so is interested in and wants to join them doing what they are interested in doing and so on. For example it may be going shopping, or whatever their interests may be. So going with them, joining them and talking about their interests.

For a lady to fall in love with a man, it has to be that the man wants to talk with them and be with them. So she then wants to chat with him and misses just being with him, even if it is just them talking. Then she falls in love with him.

Ask questions, be interested and find out about them on a deeper level. They want you to want to know about these things, because they want a man that cares about them.

The man will be even more attractive to the lady, if it moves past the physical into more about what they are interested in and think about certain things.

They love it emotionally when it is a man they can be relaxed, comfortable with and just hang out with.

You need to know how to be with a girl and be a gentleman.

They want a man who is honest and sincere. Where they can be real with each other, talk about anything, he will support them in whatever they do and they can continue their passions together.

Common interests are great, as from there the relationship flourishes. Women want a man that they have things in common with.

A lady wants a man where they do things together as equals, not that they are below the man. In fact the man thinks she is so wonderful, lovely, beautiful and perfect that he lifts her above him.

For a women the sex thing is only so much, they want a man to go through life with, do things with, be with them, protect and look after them. So they want a man that will go to concerts, out to dinner and so on with them. They do not want to do stuff by themselves.

Also to turn a woman on and for her to want sex with the man, forplay and romance is essential. This means the man to be with her for many days, loving her, caring for her which means doing stuff with her.
Women testing that the man wants a long term relationship

Women know that men often just want sex with them and will just move on once they have gotten this from her.

Women do not just want it that the man says to her that she has pretty eyes, but not be interested in them as anything more than a sex toy. They also want the man to be interested in them as a person and not just as a sex object. So for example on internet dating, when contacting a lady mention things she has written on her profile, to show you are interested in her as an individual person.

Women are used to men just wanting sex and saying anything just to get sex. They find men act crazily, they have a disturbing time because the man is so crazy. The men normally do this because they are so extremely driven by just wanting sex. This makes the men say things too extreme for a first date, such as fake cheesy chat up lines etc. Just anything to get sex, once the man has slept with them they will move on.

So women like it when the man chats with them like they are a person. They want it that the man wants to know what they are interested in, about them, listens to what they have to say, pays attention to them, etc.

Then the woman gets to find out that the man is a good man.

So many ladies will make sure the man is properly interested in a long term relationship, or marriage, by letting the man be go out for dinner with them, meet up regularly and so on for even 3 months before even kissing him. This is especially if they think the man is just wanting to have sex with them and then will just move on.

Then after 3 months of him still loving her, wanting to go for dinner, places, help her with things and so on.

She will see that he is really into her for the long term, sincere and so will let him kiss her and slowly move further with their relationship.

Biologically this is because once a man has impregnated a female, sexually he has done his job and it is time for him to move to impregnate another female. As a result many men will move on or get bored once they have slept with a lady.

The female will be pregnant and have to nurture the child throughout their lifetime. They need a man who wants to and will protect them and the child from threats, hunt and fight for them while they are pregnant, giving birth, raise the children and so on.

As a result they want to know the man is interested in being with them for life and not just impregnating them and moving on.

This is so the man will hunt, fight, protect and provide for them and the children throughout their lifetime.

That is why woman is very insecure about the man really wanting them, thinking they are better than any other woman, so she knows that he will not go off with another woman now or any time in the future. They depend on him for these things, the man approaches and does things for the lady, so she needs him to be attracted to her and so want to do these things her.

So the lady also needs lots of compliments from the man, him to love her, think she is better than other ladies and not to be interested in other women for the same reason.
A woman thinking you are a good person to go out with and marry

What make girls decide you are the man for them. Could be they see you are nice to your mother and so a nice person. How a man is to their mother is very important to a woman. Women see the man’s mother as the lady who has been in the man’s life first and gave them life. If the man is not good for that lady in their life, then they will probably not be good to the next lady in their life which is her. So if a woman sees that the man is really nice to his mother. They know he is a good person and will be nice to them.

Good with children so will be a good father etc. So if they see the man being good with another person’s children, such as really playing with the children, the woman will want to go out with him as he will be a good dad to her children.

Also that the man is polite, for example opening doors for her so she goes first, eating with his mouth shut etc.

When the lady is sick, ill, looking terrible, in trouble and it is like the man has nothing to gain from the lady as she has nothing to give, the man of still loves them, hunts, protects and fights for them.

Women do not like it when a man ‘wolf whistles’ at them, says ‘hey baby’, ‘hey sexy’ because they are being treated like animals, pets, dogs and so on. A women wants to be treated like a person, they want a man to speak to them like a person, a beautiful, wonderful and intelligent person.

A woman has to be romanced, then they will be turned on and attracted to you. This takes time and effort.

The man must not be narcissistic, he must do it that it is all about her, she is the big deal, not him. That is how you ‘sweep a girl off her feet’.

It is about the mood, moments, feelings of romance. Ultimately showing that you love her.

Wheras men think things, women are about feelings. So for love making ‘sex’ there has to be the right mood and feelings, so there has to be romance.

For example for a gift to be romantic, you need to provide what she specifically wants and likes. The more the lady wants and likes it, the more effective it will be.

Different people want different things, it could an item she had wanted, she could not get and you noticed, remembered and got it for her. It can also be something that she specifically wanted.

The more personal thing it is about specific things that she likes and wants the better. Then it is more that you care about her specifically. As you paid attention to them and listened

However it needs to need something they want want emotionally. She may need a new computer, but that will not be effective if it is not something she emotionally cares about. Men also need to be careful to not get things that they themselves want, but not what the lady wants.

It also needs to be something where the lady can see that the man put his own special thought and energy into. If she finds out that his personal assistant bought and chose it, the gift then means nothing to them.
Being a father

Women want a man who will be a good father for their children, for example fight through hell and high water for them.

They really want that for their children, so really care about choosing a man who will be a good father to their children.

A women will not go out with a man they believe may abandon their children, or be a bad father. If the man has previously had children with another lady, that he has always looked after those children well, will be an essential way she will assess that.

Also for that reason a lady wants a man who will provide a stable income, home and so on for the children. Financial stability and security is important to a lady.

Also a woman may go out with a man, just because they want to have children.
Your bad points

Everybody has bad sides and baggage.

Examples maybe personal problems, family problems, relationship stuff they got wrong in the past and so on.

However do not tell the person this until they have gotten to know you and been with you for a while. Otherwise they will get put off you.

So let them see and enjoyed your good sides so they can get to know you, trust you and appreciate your good sides.

So that later on you can tell them your bad sides and they will not end things at that point, because they have gotten to know you, trust you and see that you are okay.

If a man tells a lady their negative sides or dirt too early, then the lady will just go yuk and not want them!

You have to eventually tell them your bad sides, or they will be upset you never told them and not trust you anymore, but leave this for until they have met you many times.

Also you have to be an open book, so people can get to know and like you. So doing this too much can prevent that, make you unknowable and unlikeable. It can even lead to a feeling of hostility on your part, because of what you are doing, so be careful.
Finding the right lady

You need a lady that likes and want your heart (emotions, feelings, love), not one who likes and wants your money.

To do this you must get girls by being romantic, not by spending loads of money. Then you will get the girl who wants a good man, a girl who is not a gold digger.
Status symbol

Women want a man who looks good, dresses well and so on, because for them their man is a status symbol, something to show off and be seen with.

Also if the man is rich and powerful, then they are too, as she is the partner if that man. Having a man like that makes them a ‘somebody’.
Emotions and feelings

Men are more logical, they go for it and do it. A man will say what they think about things and go and do things.

A man will say ‘You are being silly, ‘I think you are being silly’, then go and sort it out. Men more get on with it, so it and sort it out.

Women say how they feel about things and enjoy talking about their feelings. Women like to talk about their issues and problems as a way of venting and coping with it, sharing them with others.

A woman will say ‘you are making me feel uncomfortable’.

Women are about nurturing, caring, feelings and emotions. So to be successful dating women, men need to have intelligence, ability and awareness of feelings and emotions to be successful.

Men need this so they can do things emotionally and feelingswise to be successful with ladies.

So when a man is being affectionate and loving with a woman, he needs to really feel it and express it for real as real feelings and emotions. He also has to be able to express it in the tone of his voice and so on. As a woman is interested in the feelings, not just the words are being said. So for example if they cannot feel it from a man that he loves her, hear it in the tone of his voice and so on, there is nothing interesting, or with any point for them.

The man must be very careful not to do anything to damage their feelings about him. A woman’s feeling are very delicate and easily swayed. Just one wrong look, tone of voice, sentence, feeling can damage this and they will not feel comfortable with you. If done, this is very hard to come back from and sometimes not possible if she has locked herself up for her protection.

However although women want a man who is romantic and feels good. It is essential their man who is strong so does not cry when they need him to be strong.

They will walk away from and never want to be with a man who cries, it means they are not strong enough to stop themselves from crying.

They are fine if a man cries at suitable and correct times such is funerals, but not at times where they are under attack and need the man to be strong.

Women believe the man should be able to stay logical during difficult times, women believe it is okay for women to cry because they are more sensitive and run more by feelings.
How to make sure woman does not think you are a creep

Signs are taking advantage of her, not respecting her, not being there when she calls calls him back, not giving her time and attention.

Women are very careful to ensure they have nothing to do with men who are jerks and have ‘jerk detectors’.

Women are careful that the man does not just want sex from them, for example if they receive a phone call after 11 pm, it normally means only that.

Women want a man who is good, real, honest and genuine.

So make sure with a girl it is about you serving her, giving her love as she is so beautiful and lovely..

It must not be about you taking, leering, being sly, malicious, like an animal looking at their pray, a hyena looking at a dead carcus and cannot wait to rip it to shreads. That will scare off and creep out ladies.

Masculinity is about force, strength, rugged, doing things, strong, take charge, command, leading, taking control.

Femininity is about nurturing, caring, being receptive, softness.

A female will be attracted to masculinity. If the man is not masculine, there is nothing for the lady to be attracted to. The more masculine man is, the more there is for them to be attracted to.

Men who get a lot of attention from woman are very manly. They have a very manly stature. So with behaviour and doing things think ‘what would a man do?’ For a man to be manly, he has to be able, capable and have achieved things.

A man must have masculine energy, it is something a man can meditate, focus and work on so it grows and grows. It is a force, energy, strength etc.

The men who women find attractive have a masculine energy and are masculine, this effects their whole being and way. Women are attracted to this masculine energy. However these men also know how to look after themselves so they remain clean, well groomed and attractive.
How you act and behave is important, women are female so will be attracted to masculine men. Ensure you then act and behave like a masculine man with your posture, tone of voice, energy, movements and so on.

A man needs to have a strong sounding voice, with this the lady can tell how physically, psychologically and spiritually strong he is. As a man is meant to be strong, a man will look pathetic if he is not.

If you are ever intimidated in any way by the lady, or anything she says or does, you must not admit that, as it is not masculine. The lady needs someone who will be the male, if you are intimidated by her then you cannot be that man so she will not be attracted to you any more and respect you.

A man does things by force, a woman asks if she can do something nurturing or assisting. So the man takes charge.

A man must stand vertically straight, to be powerful and dominating. They must also have a forward leaning/standing posture which is more masculine. If a man leans back at all, they will seem feminine.

A man must have a deep strong voice. A high pitched voice is laughable, pathetic and terrible for a lady, because it is so feminine.

The lady wants the man to behave and be physically, emotionally and psychologically strong, brave, courageous and effectual, so capable of achieving and doing things.

He must not be a wimp, and so weak, ineffectual, or timid.

However you still need to express interest and want to do the things women like to do but men do not, such as go shopping for clothes, talk about relationships, do romantic things like holding hands and cuddling. If you talk about men’s things like football and so on they will not have any interest in talking and being with you.

So for example the man chooses the restaurant for the date and takes charge. Women want the man to do that for them.

As and ‘gentleman’ the also have to see if the woman wants to go along with it, or if they would like something else.

Going through life and in their relationship, the lady wants a man who is strong and dependable. So he deals well with, survives and is fine through life’s challenges.

So if there is a mouse the lady expects the man to be able to catch it and not be afraid.

Women have their nurturing and childbearing abilities, but the hormones make them fluctuate emotionally a lot. They expect a man to be strong enough to be unphased by when they may be or do things because of this. So in these situations they need the man to be their rock and not fall apart if they do. So a man has to be strong emotionally as well.

Due to estrogen and other things, women’s emotions can go up and down and be all over the place. Women want a man who can stay strong and hold their ground, will still be fine when the woman may get emotional.

Women want a man who can be the strong male, so they can be really feminine. This is especially for women who want to be really feminine.

Courage is needed for a man to be masculine, no woman wants to be with and sleep with a man who is a coward.

If a man is afraid , will never find a wife.

These men are often a mother’s boy (so does whatever will please his mother even if not the best thing to do). They have not gotten the courage and confidence to go into the real world and still clinging to their mother.

If they are afraid of what mummy thinks, will do things which are not right, just because of what their mother thinks. They do this especially as not got their own courage and confidence.

The men often do this because in their parents relationship, the mother leads and the dad is easy going.

If do that then the man ends up with a woman that rules him, just like their father does.

It is the wanting to be with a woman, that makes the man leave home, it says this in the first part of Genesis in the bible.

Cowardly men are not sexy. They also are not exciting and girls want men who are exciting.

If a person is a coward, they will:
●not be exciting and will probably also not talk about exciting things. Need to talk about fun, spicy things and play. They will also need to be confident so will show their personality.
●It also makes it hard for them to make decisions.
●can make them hesitate so not get the girl. The guy may loose the opportunity as another man comes along, it also stops the man from being masculine and so attractive to the girl.

Getting to know them as a person

When chasing a woman, do not do it just like you just want sex. They will be intimidated by whether they will be good enough and so on.

Chase the girl as want to get to know her as a person. If you just want tits, arse and sex she will probably not want this as she will feel used, especially as it means you will just have sex with her and move on. This will mean she has been treated as an object, when she wants to feel special.

Women do not want to be treated as an object that is used for sex and the man then just moves on to another object. Girls want to feel beautiful and special.

The girl must be so special and beautiful that you would never want anyone else and you value her as a person.

Admire with honour her as a women

This is how is how women like men to look at them. This means that admire, honour and them for being a woman and all that being a woman means.

It is about honouring and admiring what women do and are in the world and how important they are. The importance and wonder of being a women. For example they are nurturing, gentle, beautiful, stop fights, many raise children etc.

Women will love that you look at them like that, find it special and really want to be with the man.

Women do not often get that from men.

To do it successfully need to be detached from it, it is a natural process that does not come from ego, selfishly wanting things. So need to be able to let it happen that natural place.

For the woman it is not just the man trying to get into their pants.

If a man goes into a room, just wanting to get into women’s pants, the women there will find the man repulsive.

Horny males

Women do not like being around males who are horny and nothing else. They feel that they just want to shag things.

Women want a man that only wants them and only loves them.

Women feel that men who are just horny, just care about themselves and getting their own sexual fix, with no thought of the girl. This is not nice for the girl, because the man just grasps what he wants and will not treat them nicely.

Women are worried that the man will just sleep with them and move on.

That is why they constantly check that the man is not just wanting sex, he loves them and wants to be with them.

A horny male will have sex with anything when it comes along, this makes women feel especially insecure, that he will mess them around, will not stay around to them and will go with off with someone else. That the man will be unreliable.

This is what women want, but in the world itself, male and female are the balance of two different forces. The man in himself has to behave according to his own libido and sex drive, or it will not function. On a base level men do just want to put their sperm in all girls. He will not be able to function sexually as a man if he does not function as a male. If it does not function the women will be left sexually very disappointed as he will not get an erection etc. However he does have to look out for and consider what ladies want.

Women want to ensure the man will stick around and help them, not fly off.

Girls like it when you look at them like they are the greatest thing in the world, worship them.

A woman wants a man who makes them feel special.

A man who is proud to have them as his girlfriend.

They want a man who is sweet, kind and makes them laugh.

When a man courts a woman properly she feels special and that is why she likes it. It must be romantic.

You must be giving to her and serving her, like you do not want anything in return. For example if you look at a girl that you do not know, like she is lovely and wonderful, it is a compliment for her that she will like. If you focus on giving to her, giving the compliment and serving her then there is nothing for her to hate as you do not want anything from her.

You do not need to say many complimentary words, or chat up lines. It all happens and is communicated from how you feel, emotions, facial expressions, your posture, tone in your voice etc. So the ‘chat up words themselves’ are not so important, the othet stuff is.

The best way to a woman’s heart is through a thoughtful, un selfish, considerate act for them.

Girls want to see that a man has put in loads of thought and effort into doing things for them as it shows he loves and cares about them.

They also want him to plan the date for her as he is the male.

Woman want a man who is chivalrous, it goes a long way, opening car door, paying restaurant bill etc.

Women like to check out a man and find out who he is before getting any involved with them.

Women want a man who is intelligent, educated and comes from a good family.

If you know how to love your mother, all the ladies will love you.
Showing off

Women want a man who is real and authentic. A man showing off, pretending he is greater than he is and other things like that make him fake. As a result there is nothing for the lady to connect to.

The man has to be true to himself, let the real him shine through. Needs to let the lady see who he really is.

If a man is putting on performance there is also nothing real and for her to connect to. The man may do it:
▪ selfishly as they just want to show off to get attention and admired
▪ compensation because they are a pathetic person so do need this attention and admiration
▪ compensation because they are pathetic, not a nice person, not kind etc. so they feel they cannot let the lady see the real them because he is ao scummy

The only solution is to genuinely and actually be a good, clever, capable, kind person so the lady can enjoy the real you. There is no replacement for the real thing.

Being egotistical and selfish is something that will turn women away, it is unpleasant for the lady as things are happening in his interests and not hers.
Women only wants to see great things that interest them, so they can become part of that and have it, so it is about serving the lady. This is of course not what showing off is about, as that is done to show is better than the lady.

Being good at what one does, coupled with modesty is a winning trait.
Guys when dating can start showing off their job, it is their pride, hunter gatherer thing, identity and to give them confidence. However girls only care about that if it is a job that adds to their status from being with you. Also if guys are too much into that, it bores the girl and gets in the way of the them seeing the man’s heart, emotions and who he is and they want to see those things.

A man may start talking about his car, hifi and other male things that tend not to interest ladies. The lady will only care that he has money so that he can buy her jewellery and the things that she likes. So once she sees he has a nice car,.she will have worked that out he has money, then she wants to see that he will spend it on her as he loves her. So going on about cars and things that bore her will be a turn off.
Clothing and grooming

Women want a man who is dressed well, groomed well and will be put off by man who dresses badly. Their man is a status symbol who reflects how great they are that they have such a man.

They do not want to be embarrassed by having a scruffy man.

Also it can be a status symbol that they have a classy rich man, so if the man is stressed scruffily, it pulls them down as well.

If a man dresses scruffily, the woman may also think they are poor and reject them for that reason as well.
Women wanting a rich man

This is because:
▪ from a mating point of view they want the king of the jungle.
▪ the women wants the money.

Even if a man is not rich, they will be fine if he is ambitious. This is because if he is ambitious, they think he will probably become rich and powerful as he has the dynamic of that kind of male.

If you are rich, to be careful the lady does not just want you for your money, do your courtship with being romantic to her which does not mean spending money.

Lead with being romantic, being good to her, not with talking about your money. You need a lady who wants you for you and not just for your money.

If you are poor, be careful of pretending that you are rich, because in the long term the relationship will be a disaster, because you will not be able to meet what she expected.
What to wear

Something that makes your bottom look good.

The shirt needs to be tailored and fitted to show the pecks and arm muscles.
How women see relationships with men and women

The man is meant to be courting and adoring the woman, her needs get met and she comes first.

So for women it is all about them.

Masculine energy: Men are rugged, go get and take charge.

If a man is that things are about them, then the man is being feminine and not masculine.

Feminism is about ensuring that women get equal to men. Men are stronger and have historically oppressed women.

As much as there are good sides to feminism, like anything there are also good and bad sides. Things can be used for good as well as evil.

Women may need to be more masculine in their workplace to survive and compete there. However bringing this into a relationship with a man can cause trouble as she is not bringing the feminity needed or allowing the man to do the man stuff

Some ladies have psycholgical conflicts between being feminine with a man and also being a bit masculine and even trying to compete with him for the saje of feminism.

Many women are highly suited to careers, but some are not happy with it and only do it because they feel they should and are actually wanting to be much more homely and looking after children.

When a lady is wanting to be more masculine in a relationship it is a disaster. Even worse when they try to compete with a man with masculinity. However men need to be aware of this issue if the woman wants to do this.

The answer is for ladies act differently at different times, be feminine in a relationship with a man and if they need then more masculine at work.

Often women who are feminists are very happy to be very feminine in the bedroom, but then the more feminist way when out and about.

However women need to be aware of their strengths in being feminine, the things women can do, are needed for and are often things that men cannot do. They are not the demeaning things, are just as needed and are just different Also men must not oppress women.

On a date today, some women are wanting to be so independent and masculine that this is hard for man.

Also if the woman does not appear and behave in a feminine way, there is nothing for the male to be attracted to.

Even worse a woman may think she has to be more masculine and then is not being true to their feminine, emotional nature and so then falls apart as she is not getting the care, support and love she needs a man. Such as hugs and so on.

More feminist women also have a harder time attracting a man, because men want a soft and nurturing women. If the woman is more masculine, of course she’s not so feminine which is what men are attracted to. They often wonder why they grow old and alone.

Also strong women need an even stronger man than normal to be able to be masculine in comparison them. It is a bit pathetic if the man is a weaker and not as strong as they are. Women will only be attracted to a man if they are bigger, stronger, more giving and masculine than they are.
Women wanting a man like their father

For women, their father was the male who used to hunt for them, support and protect them. They want to have this and in fact are annoyed that they have to sleep with a man to get this (men want sex).

A woman’s father was their first role model of what a relationship with a man should be like. It affects what they are used to a man being like, what they want from their man and the levels he has to live up to.

It can be especially hard for a woman to find a man if he was or is very rich, clever, dependable, capable and so on. This is because they cannot find a man that lives up to their father’s level.

It could be said that a reason why a lady wants a man taller than her is it goes back when she was young, looked after by her father and he was taller than her.

As a woman is used to the father as the male, she will also look for and choose men who are like her father.

However she will also then carry on the relationship issues, for example if her father was abusive she will expect her man to be abusive and carry on that relationship.

It could also be said that women are attracted to men like their father, because they are attracted to what is familiar. Also when they see such a man, they can understand him, because they have seen those characteristics before.
Men are attracted to women who are like their mothers

This is because it is the kind of lady that the man will be used to. As a result they feel comfortable with understand and I use to such a lady.

When they meet a lady who is like their mother, they immediately how that person works, can quickly and easily quickly communicate with them.

However if the mother is a bad person, or has certain negative traits, it means the man is always going out with a disastrous partner.

Likewise women are attracted to men who are like their fathers.

Man are normally attracted to women who are like their mothers.

If a man’s mother with intelligent, bossy with blond hair, they are often attracted to women with those characteristics.

If a man’s mother is stupid, timid with brunette hair, they are often attracted to women with those characteristics.

Of course there are many many factors of what makes up a person.

So when a man meets a lady who is like their mothers. They can immediately fully understand, work with and speak with them, because they fully understand them and are used to them.

However if the man’s mother was is or was not a good person, is too different to them and so on, this means they will find an unsuitable mate.

So after the male is initially attracted to the woman, next as a second stage he must consciuosly think about these factors and see if he needs to choose someone else who he will get on with better as a person.
Emotional support

Women also want a man for a emotional support.

Hugs, cuddles and so on are about this emotional support.

For a lady with all the challenges, problems, things they find difficult in life and hard times, emotional support from a strong stable man means a lot.

They need a good relationship with a man for this and to know that they can always speak with him.
Psychological support

Women have a lot of hormone issues and other psychological feelings things that makes them fluctuate more. As a result they need a man to be a strong rock for with them.

Also as women are on average weaker they do need a strong man to support them psychologically. Just like how a beautiful female ballet dancer, does need a male dancer to support them in their wonderful postures and poses.
Interest in them

The man is giving so he is:
▪interested in them
▪listening to them
▪giving them attention
▪letting them talk and be centre stage
▪asking questions about them
▪lifting them up so they shine and are beautiful, like the male ballet dancer, lifting and supporting the woman.
▪The man must be about her and not about himself.

Women want it to be that the man is so interested in them, that they do not want to talk to anyone else. For example they want it to be that the man never wants to be with his friends, chat to other people in the restaurant and so on, as he is only interested in her, her feelings, what she has to say and so on.

Some women even settle down with a man because he wants to be with them, wants to do things for them. It can take quite a long time for the man to demonstrate to the woman, that this is the case.
Self esteem

For many women, looking good is more important to them than what they have done in their life.

For a lady looking good means that a man loves them, wants them and wants to have sex with them This gives them self esteem.

So if a lady is in a relationship where the man does not really want them, give them attention, love them and want to have sex with them then they will not have any self esteem.

To get this from a man or men, a woman may even have an affair.
Women want a man who makes them feel special

It needs to be for her that no woman before has been able to have that effect on the man, as she is so amazing. No other woman is able to do that to the man.

It must be that the man is a wanting only that particular lady to do things with, it must be that the man is just wanting to do things with ladies in general.

So the woman is so special she cannot be compared to other women in any way. It is just her that the man wants, he does not want ladies in general and there can be no comparison as she is so great.

So for example, the man must never express that she is not more beautiful than other women, or better than other women. For example if the man has met her a year ago, even as part of a group and does not remember her, she will not feel special and it will not go anywhere.
Make sure the woman knows you think she is really beautiful

For women it is really important that they are beautiful. To many woman it is so important that how they look is more important to them than what they do in life.

This is also as she wants the man to look after her, fight for her, chase after her, court her and so on. The woman feels she needs to be beautiful to enable this to happen as then the man will want her.

So the man needs to make sure he communicates to her how incredibly wonderful beautiful he thinks she is.

Of course the man can say the things that make her so beautiful such as her eyes and so on. These need to be things today man really does find beautiful.

The actual words are not so important, it is the emotions, feelings, expressions, body language and so on used with the communication. So the man can communicate how beautiful the woman is with those things and not even need any words. If a man is using those words all the time it can seem excessive and fake, so can also use the other things as well.

Even in life in general it is really important to women that people think they are beautiful and most women will do almost anything to get compliments.

The man gives, the woman receives.

Must be interested in her, let her talk about herself. Ask about her as you are interested in her.

Woman are not interested in work (men are as it is a hunter gatherer thing), football and so on.

Talk about what women are interested in such as gossip, celebrities, popular culture and so on. Of course if she is more educated and for example interested in art, spirituality and other things then chat about those things. It needs to be fun, things she is interested in so you can have a relationship as you have things in common.

People are most interested in themselves so that is normally a good thing to chat about.

If you can entertain her with funny stories then give it a go.

However do not talk about yourself as people are interested in themselves. So needs to be that she talks about herself and you ask about her..

It is tempting for a man to just show off in front of a lady and want attention, this is taking as is about yourself. Should be about focusing on her and giving her attention.
Lady feeling comfortable

It takes time for a lady to feel comfortable with a man.

To fall in love she has to have seen the man a lot, spent time with the man a lot, chatted on the phone a lot. If she has spoken with and been with the man a lot and regularly, then she will feel comfortable with him and fall in love with him. For the man it takes a lot of time spent and patience for her to get to this place.

She will freeze, be rigid and not like anything if not feel comfortable with it.

So for example if approaching a girl make sure not to invade her personal space and give her lots of space.

On a first date be careful not to invade a lady’s space if they do not look comfortable with it. Also not to touch and kiss them as well if they do not feel comfortable with it.

A woman may not know that she wants to be kissed but it will be visible that she wants it. She may also signify she wants it, or even do delicate cues to invite you.

The same with sex, if she is touched and goes rigid, tense, says it tickles it is that the man has not romanced her enough or spent time with her for her be comfortable with you. That is why lots of courting, romancing, spending time with her and foreplay is needed with a lady for her to be attracted to you and be turned on by you.

If she says she is sensitive when touched in a place so not want to be touched there, it could be that the man is touching it roughly making it unpleasant and the man needs to be gentle for it to be pleasurable. Otherwise it is that the man has not done enough courting, romancing, spending time with her and foreplay for the lady to be attracted to you and or turned on for you, so it is not pleasant for her.

The lady needs to be relaxed and feel happy to enjoy sex, because they are about feelings and are very sensitive.

A man must not seem desperate to get the woman or a woman. This means:

1, Despair or urgency to get the lady: a desperate killer.

2. having an urgent need, desire, etc.: desperate for attention.

3. leaving little or no hope; very serious or dangerous:a desperate illness.

This is because it must mean that he cannot get a lady elsewhere because no one else wants him.

A woman does not want a woman that other ladies do not want:

1, In the same way that a man who is famous at a large music concert, or head of a large company will be wanted by all the ladies. He will be wanted because being famous, powerful, in charge, head of the pack, in fashion, popular. So he is will be wanted by other ladies.

So a woman wants a man that the other women want as well.

This is much like how if a coat is in fashion and so everyone wants one as well, so other women will want it as well.

So the opposite is true, if the man is desperate it must be because he is not wanted by other women, so not in fashion and so not desirable.

2, If other ladies do not want him there must be something wrong with him, or he is no good. Therefore the other ladies will not want him.

3, Desperate means that the man is wanting things. If a person is noble and great then they are not thinking about what they can get, so not getting things is not an issue so will never be desperate. The man should be about serving the lady and then of course he is greater as free and not dependent and attached to things.

A man will perform well if he is focused on service, if he is selfish then to get things he will get nervous, negative emotions, desperate, just think about getting and not get on with the job, so will perform badly.

So a man must behave like he is wanted by other ladies, popular and there are no problems.
The market

If the lady hears that the man has gone on lots of dates, singles events and so on and is still single, then she will not want him. She will think that lots of other girls have seen and not wanted him, so why should she.

She will also think that there must also be something wrong with him so he is no good.

Also the lady will think he is not the kind of man who will choose a lady and settle down.
The lady feeling like she is wanted

A woman want it to be that men want her, that is their sexual power.

Also to have a man who will fight, hunt, protect and provide for her, they know the man must really want her.

So a woman is always wanting to check that the man wants them and still wants them. They want it to be the man wants them and only them.

I woman wants to be claimed by the man, so that she is his lady.

Please be careful with this one, life is about service and giving. Although the lady secondarily and on a lower level wants to know she is wanted, the biggest, first and primary thing is that the man loves her and want to serve her. So it is not about what the man himself wants. It is primarily about the fact that the man loves her and wants to serve her.
Women want a man they respect

Women want a man that they can respect, this is needed for them to be a male figure.

This is also because an alpha male will be a role model.

She also cares that he will be a good father to their children, for that he needs to be the kind of person that children will respect, so he can be a role model and so they also do what they told.

Some women try to boss their man around, but once they are able to boss him around, he is no longer a man to them, she also then no longer respects him, then she no longer attracted to him as a man, finally then the relationship is dead.

The man will be the person who is the lady’s hunter, protector, provider and so on. They have to respect that the man will be good at that and if he is then she will respect him.

Women seek affirmation from their man. Women will seek a man who gives them affirmation.

The following is taken from (

Affirming her is letting her know that she is successful as a partner and that to you, she is more than enough. She is beautiful, she is smart, she is more than you ever wanted.

It is letting her know that she has value, worth and doesn’t need to prove herself to be special to you. When she experiences the affirmation of her man she feels greater courage and boldness to face the outside world.

Women will not respect and will despise a man who is weak and lacks courage.

Women want a man who is stronger than they are.

Crying means a person has lost things, is hurt or damaged. So ot makes the man looks weak or a failure. It also means that a person has succumbed and given into this.

Of course in reality a man needs to let his emotions be what they are; if he has lost a friend, family or someone else and he has that loss then he should cry. Doing anything else is repressing emotions which will lead to a them becoming weaker, coming out later at the wrong times or health problems from them being repressed. All emotions are the same river, so controlling one type, damages them all.

A man needs emotions for strength etc. So even though crying maybe seen as weak, without the other acceptable ones of happiness, anger etc. the man is not strong, cannot stand up straight etc. His emotions are his strength and so should not be controlled or pushed around too much. The river of emotion of all kinds have to be cherished so it can flow.

However if a man cries it can be seen that he has lost, given in to emotion etc. As a result the lady will thing he is weak, pathetic and has given into their emotions.

As a result the balance is the man should have free flowing emotions, be able to cry; but able to hold them back for the times if and when needed.

Some girls who have or had father’s who cry, or are from less masculine cultures, will want a man who can cry, otherwise there is nothing to be with them for or to relate to them.

Other women who have or had father’s who do or did not cry, or from more masculine country or cultures do not want a man who cries. If he ever cries it shows that he is weak as has lost a battle and so crying shows he is injured, or just cannot hold back his emotions. As a result if a lady like that sees the man cry, such weakness means the relationship is over.

Of course if there is crying through loosing a battle, the best thing is to be strong and so not loose battles so this happens less. Also being such a strong and together person that is okay even if have lost a battle.

For loss from loosing a friend or a loved one, a person should be very sad and of course cry.

The man also need to have full and free flowing emotions so he can function as a human being and the lady has something to genuinely interact and be with. Otherwise there is not a real person there for her.

Women want a man who entertains them, is fun and keeps them occupied. This can be a variety of things and each lady will be interested in different things.

For example it could be that the man:
●is intelligent and they do interesting things and conversations.
●takes her on adventures and different places.
●takes her to fun places and they have fun together.
●is funny and makes her laugh

Ladies do not want to be with boring men. Sadly this is something that can lead them to be with ‘bad boys’ because they sometimes provide more entertainment.

Need to make sure do not end up just ‘being friends’

On a date need to flirt, show you are sexually attracted to her and give the girl attention.

The man needs to be a romantic partner, a sex partner, otherwise the vibe will not be there and she will just see you as just a friend so there can be no sexual relationship.

A person will be friendly with people like themselves, which is why girls will mostly be friendly with other girls. However you cannot be a girl or feminine, as the woman will be attracted to a masculine man, so in this aspect you need to be different to them. So although need to be like them so they feel comfortable with you, must still be a man and masculine.

For example Google defines flirting as:


Behave as though sexually attracted to someone, but playfully rather than with serious intentions.

“she began to tease him, flirting with other men in front of him”

synonyms:trifle with, toy with, tease, lead on,philander with, dally with, make romantic advances to, court, woo,vamp; More


(of a bird) wave or open and shut (its wings or tail) with a quick flicking motion.

“a moorhen stepped out of the reeds, flirting its white tail”

So need to behave in a way that shows you at your sexual best, sexually attractive. However must not be lewd, crude, in a way that is unromantic, or ‘in her face’ before she is warmed up and comfortable with you, otherwise it will put her off and she will be abhorred and run away.

It needs to be romantic flirting.

Shared interests

A woman wants a man with the same interests, so they can lead and build a life together and have things to talk about.

Also different women are interested in different things, so one woman may want a man who is interested in the arts, because they like the arts, whereas another lady may be more interested in intellectual pursuits and want an intellectual man to chat with.

Being yourself

Must be real.

A man may want to act like they have everything all together and good, but women tune into what is inside. So if feking that everything is together, then the man can be unreal so there is nothing there for her.

They need to like the real man, that the man may not be showing, but this needs the man to let down his guard. This may feel dangerous to open up, can only do it with the right people. If the lady is a bad person should not be with them anyway.

Women need to feel that there is something to connect with.

Need to let people know your opinions, or there is not a person there.

What the man wants

Women want it to be that the man is looking for the woman of their dreams to love, cherish, romance, take care of and spoil.

They do not want a man who is just about take, wanting her to just cook, clean etc. like a slave.

The man must remember that whatever he wants, women are people and must be treated accordingly.


It it is often that a lady is not interested in a man, but by his consistent and persistent courting over months, or even several years, the lady is eventually interested in him.

That level, amount and consistency of courting, that the man is continually saying that he loves her, buying her thoughtful little gifts, doing things for her and wanting to spend time with he. This eventually builds up to be irresistible to women.

Of course the man of course the man needs to do it in a way, that during the period the woman isn’t interested in him he does not become a pest to her.

So it can be done by saying things to her friends, that her friends will say to her through gossip. Also hanging out with her friends where she will also be there, sending her thoughtful little gifts and other ways of accessing her without being a nuisance, as of course at that stage she does not want him.


There is the sex aspect which is important, but women also need to be able to talk to get on with the man.

There are things that have no interest to women for example often football fighting etc. So need to be able to chat about things that women are interested in.

There are also certain masculine traits which although are part of being a man, women find these things annoying.

An example is women like it when another person looks at and cares about their feelings and like that women do this. Women like to talk about their feelings etc.

They like that women normally do this often men do not. So a man has to be cautious to care about their feelings

Another thing is that women have no interest and are bored by many masculine subjects like sports, computers, cars etc.

Spending time together

It could be said that guys just go out with girls because they want sex.

Women want it to be at the man loves them and wants to be with them.

This means the guy wants to be with them socially all the time. Women often even get jealous when a guy wants to go out with his friends to watch football, at parties when with them talk to other people such as their friends etc.

Caring and looking after

Women want a man that will care and look after them. This is not just physically looking after them by being a hunter and provider, it is also emotionally and psychologically.

So the man has to show that he wants to look after her.

It means lots of cuddles and hugs so they feel supported and looked after. Sex for them is also about being loved, and the man showing he will look after her. So cuddling, hugs, soft stroking etc is essential.

Listening to them, caring, wanting to provide what they want.


They want a man who really cares about them. A lady will really listen and watch out for that. If in a conversation it feels like the man is not really with them and does not really care about them, they will pick it up.

Caring is not just an intellectual thing, it is an emotional and spiritual thing. It has to be real you have to be a good person and really care.

Women will be very sensitive to this as they are the feminine principle. They are about feeling so will pick it up. Men are more about thinking.

This then goes on to how women want love and this is the biggest thing of all.

Be careful not to abuse this though, as the negative karma will be huge!


The masculine impulse is to do things. So if the woman says she has a problem, the impulse of the male is to solve it for them.

This can be useful to the women, especially if it is a physical or practical thing that the man can do for her.

However she often just want someone to listen to her talking about it, her concerns and problems. Listening will not solve it, but gives her the emotional support and that is often what she will want.

So sometimes the woman does not want the man to solve it for them. Doing it for them can even be meddling, interfering and annoying for her if it is not what she wants. She may just want him to listen and this helps them out emotionally.

Listening is of course also important to find out what she wants and needs.

You are only interested in them

You only want them, you do not think about other women, look at other women, or want other women. Not even for a moment.

Women are very insecure about this one, it probably goes down to biology where in the jungle they want to make sure the male will protect them and not go off with another woman.

They will want to ensure you no longer want your ex partner and so on.

Never be desperate

If the woman hears, or the man lets it be known that they’ve been on lots of dates and they haven’t found someone, because nobody else wants them. No matter how great the man really is, the woman won’t want them either.

The woman will think, if nobody else wants them, why would I want them.

This is also the same the other way around, when a man goes in a date with a woman.

Women want the man that everybody else wants, as then he must be great.

If a man is really desperate, because he hasn’t had sex for a while, or really needs the date to go well, being desperate can give the impression that he’s desperate because nobody wants him. This nervous desperation also makes him very unattractive.

Intimacy and romance

For women, cuddling and holding hands and other things of intimacy, romance, and love are 80% of why they want a relationship, the sex is only 20%.

This is of course not the same for males.

The man has to do these things, because women like it. It’s also what warms them up and makes them eventually want sex.


Dancing is a great analogy to learn about attracting women.

With dances such as the Tango, women love it because they can melt into the man.

For this they need a man who can lead. However they sometimes find some men just grab them which is repulsive so they instinctually want to go away.

Some men are not confident enough to lead them properly.

So the women needs a man who is strong enough to lead, but does it for them so is good to them.

The feminine wants a male who is stronger than they are.

Then they can melt into the man and be feminine, like the feminine is and wants to be.

Women want to be cherished as that is what the feminine wants.

Women like dancing as it is an intimate thing, they can often get more from dancing than they do from sex, as intimacy is what women want. That is why when a man is open and vulnerable with them (although still masculine as otherwise there is no attraction) it means so much for them

The male has to be masculine and the female feminine, or there is no attraction. That is why it does not work if the male becomes more feminine, or the woman becomes more masculine.

Women want a man who is emotionally available.

Then you can love, be intimate, romantic, have an emotional connection, express love and communicate with them.

Women want emotional intimacy.