Why people get bullied

According to Joe Rogan:

The kids at school who get bullied are the ones who are worried about being attacked. Those kids get picked on because the bullies recognize that they can pick on those kids.

The bullies see this vulnerability.

With chickens it’s called the pecking order, when a chicken gets packed at by a dominant chicken, the other chickens come in and peck it that chicken as well. Those other chickens are often cowardly chickens.

It’s based on insecurity, fear and a deep concern from the other chickens that one day they’re going to be the one that gets pecked at.

So if bullies see someone who’s scared of offending someone, stepping out of line, or taking a chance, then the bullies come in and exploit that target.

Bullies tend to be people who are bored and don’t have a lot of hobbies.

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