People who desperately have to be with others, it’s often because they don’t want to face or be with themselves.

They don’t want to face the bad things they’ve done, so need to be looking at the outside world and others.

They may have such bad mental constructs that they put their negative energy into others which is why they need them around. They put their stress, worries, concern, and so on into others.

They may also not be very nice to themselves, they push themselves around and so on. For example if somebody came from a very ambitious upbringing, they might push themselves really hard to do things and not be nice to themselves.

To be ok being by yourself, you’ve got to be nice to yourself. Imagine how you treat others, and then think about if you treat yourself the same way.

The big one is to accept yourself and how you are.

The people who can be by themselves for long periods of time, are the people who have dated themselves. This means you see and learn about being with yourself, like you do when going on a date with someone and deciding if you want to be with that person.

They have faced themselves so they are fine with being in their own.

The people who have not faced themselves, have to face themselves when they are with themselves for long periods of time. They cannot cope with being by themselves for long periods of time.

The people who have dated themselves before and so been with themselves, can be alone for long periods of time as they have already faced themselves.

It does not matter if lots of people love you, if you don’t love yourself.

Think about how you would like others to be to you, and be like that to yourself. Be loving, kind, compassionate and so on.

Do not bully yourself to perform better and so on.

People often look at how they are to themselves, how they are to their subconscious. You also have to look at how your subconscious is to you, just like how when in a date, you look at how the person you are on the date with is to you

When things get difficult don’t be tough on yourself to push yourself harder, it makes it even harder to live with yourself and so you get even more lonely.

Some people who are lonely, it’s because they’re not nice to themselves. As a result they need other people to be nice to them. The answer is to love yourself and be nice to yourself. You have to capacity to heal yourself and be good to yourself.

Not cut off from others and yourself

In the same way that you can be in a room with lots of other people and still be alone, because psychologically you’re cut off them.

Maybe you’re scared so have your barriers up, are overly controlling to others, or other things that create barriers.

You can also be cut off from yourself and so feel alone, as you don’t have your own company. It can happen if you’ve been overly tough or controlling to yourself. You need to be soft and gentle to yourself to create a relationship with yourself.

Self worth

People who can’t cope with being by themselves, whether it’s being at home by themselves without the company of other people, having to be with friends all the time, or have to get into another romantic relationship. It’s because they don’t have any self-worth.

They need other people to validate them and show them that they’re okay. They need to have other people around to prove to themselves that they’re worthy. This is because by themselves they don’t have enough self-worth, to think they are worthy.

To not be lonely you have to be authentically yourself with others, otherwise they just have the fakeness which means you’re actually alone because it is not actually you with others.

If you can’t cope with being with yourself, how can you expect other people to also want to be with you?

There are people who can’t cope with being by themselves, it can be because they don’t like being with themselves.

They need the distractions and good energies of other people, because they can’t cope with their own and themselves.

However, how can you expect other people to want to be with you if you can’t be with yourself, because you don’t like yourself or feel comfortable with yourself.

So in the same way that you look at what’s needed for other people to want to be with you.

Have a look at what’s needed for you to want to be with you. This means you will look at your energies, thoughts, the things you say to yourself and so on.

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