How to not eat unhealthy comfort foods

It’s very easy when you have an unpleasant emotion to reach for comfort food such as cheese or anything else that’s fatty. As these things can give you short comfort in the way that something like eating a nut won’t.

Of course in the long run comfort food will lead to health problems and not feeling so good.

The most unpleasant emotion is often caused by doing something wrong, such as excessive attachment or just doing something that is not benevolent.

The nicest and most lovely emotions come from doing something that’s morally good, such as a good job for someone.

When you have a negative emotion, instead of reaching for comfort food, do something good instead, as that is where the good emotions come from, it’s like internal process of being given manna from heaven.

However don’t actively want or be attached to getting good feelings from above, that is also selfishness that doesn’t go well.

Of course ultimately you should do things because they’re right and you care about others, but this just goes to show how spirituality really works.

By being a good person, good things happen and things work.

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