How to be a high status person

People want to talk to high status people. They want to talk to the head of the organization, not the most junior person who’s getting the toilets, cleaning the bins and surfing the drinks.

(However this is often just an ego thing, these relationships are not based on friendship, they are based on social climbing. For real friendships about caring and love, what people want is to be people who are like themselves, This is what people are comfortable with and can relate to)

Don’t be anxious

The way to do this is that nothing phases you, whatever happens you are fine.

There are two sides prey and predator, If you are prey you will always be scared of the predators that are in the world.

The best though is just to defend yourself and defend others, that’s even higher, but don’t be prey.

Act like someone who is in command

Don’t command, push around others or control them, people will hate you for that.

However have a straight back, wide shoulders, and the posture that mean you are in command.

Talk calmly, talk slowly, don’t blink, be relaxed and everything else that means you are in control of yourself. Once you are in control of yourself you are in a position to control others.

Be in controlled of yourself

If you can’t control yourself, how can you control others. Learn to be in control of yourself.

If you are cowering, meagre, weak then you are prey ready for the taking.

If you can’t control yourself, others can control you and you can’t control others.

Don’t talk about how badly you are doing

Don’t lie about how well you’re doing, that will never end well is they discover the truth and you can’t back it up.

Don’t ever say you’re doing badly and things like that.

Have clothes and things that look like you’re doing well.

Be clean, well groomed and everything that looks like you are good and capable.


If it’s all about control, things won’t work. You need to allow your emotions feelings and other things to flow so you can be powerful and function.

You also need feelings, emotions and other things so you can have joy, love and so on. This means you’re human and life is worth living.

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