Being in the now

By being in the now, a person can be aware of what is really going on.

This that enables a person to go from the physical world, up to higher realities such as the divine and God. This is because they are in the now which is reality.

Most people are either living in the past or the future.

The past is not dangerous because no what happened.

The future is about dreaming and fantasy of what could be.

People do not like to focus on the now as it is reality. They do not like to take the risk, face the unknown and so on.

Being in the now needs courage, as do not really know what’s going to happen.

Most people when they do something new for the first time have a success. For example the first time someone meditates, they have good results.

However they then spend the next 30 years trying to get the same results again. As a result the future meditations are never as good. This is because they are focused on the past and not the reality of now.

The reality of now means they do whatever is needed for things to work and be real now.

Being in the now also means face that things are changing.

Being in the here and now is easier

When a person is thinking of the past and the future.

They are thinking about the past.

They are worrying and working out the future. Often it’s worrying about a thing that could happen in the future.

However the here and now is here, so it is less work. You are not having to think and work things out that are with you now, you are having to think about and create them.

So being in the here and now enables a person to rest and relax.

To get the most out of things and be able to learn, a person has to be watchful and mindful. However that is still less strain than thinking all the time.

So if you need to rest, one way is to focus on the here and now.

When you are worrying about the future, it can be as horrible to experience it as having that actual thing you’re worried about happening. So you won’t just have the thing you are worrying about in the future, you have it throughout your whole life.

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