Higher order spiritual knowledge is only given to people who are mature, wise and seeking to serve The Holy One. ‘Warren, kabballah history book’

Traps that stop us loving and serving higher beings.

The ruling elite generally believe that they are threatened by the unknown as it is beyond their comprehension. Knowledge is power and the primitive mind fears what it cannot command ‘warren Kabballah history book’

If they do not have power over it so they see it as not theirs, a rival. They may also be people who see things they cannot control as threats. This is because they think that others are evil like they are, they are bad people so presume others are bad like them, they are evil so like and attracts like and this is the type of people they are surrounded by and believe the world us like. Like they are a business competing for money, or power so they do not want others to win.

They should see that the world is one, good things benefit all and not just them, or others. They should be happy for the good thing and see it is an opportunity to learn from them.

On an inner level we must not hate god and higher things because we cannot control them.

We must not hate higher entities and god because they are different from us, a kind of inner racism.

We must not be jealous of god, because god has everything in existence. The world belongs to god because god made it.

We must love and cherish higher entities that are good. We must love and submit to God and live under God’s ways.

People normally believe in traditions, habits and routines, which may or may not be based on truth. You need to focus on truth, but realise that traditions, routines and habits do have their place.

Need to see traditions, habits and routines for what they are, they are not truth itself.

In most of the world people are at the top of society because they used force to get there, it needs to be that society is ruled by the wise, protected by the strong and served by the masses.

Serving someone means that they command you, so only serve good people. You need to serve God who is goid.

Whatever you are good at what, your talents are, you have a moral responsibility to do it. It maybe that you have very few talents but you still have the same duty.

Easy to be seduced by success, so a person thinks they can do anything. As a result a person does things that are morally wrong, because they think they get away with it. Also does things which are complacent and arrogant so never work.

Just because a person has done something before and gotten away with it does not mean it works everytime. An example would be crossing the road without looking. Also such things can blow up to be bigger and bigger until they fall down, an example would be getting into debt.

If there is an uneasy feeling on their psychic level, it normally means that someone has lied.

Zev Ben Shimon Halevi’s Kabbalistic View of History book ‘those who lose contact with their souls become what is called the “living dead”, that is, without any conscience. Many psychopaths are in this class.

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