Astrology and the stock market

JP Morgan Bank ‘Millionaires do not use astrology, billionaires do’

Pluto is in each sign for about 15 years.

Eg. It was in Sagettarius from about 1992 to 2007, so had that it had an expansion and then 2007 came the crisis when into Capricorn.

Debt expanded under Sagettarius and then the practical reality of Capricorn made the problem more realistically viewed.

Pluto is in Capricorn until 2023

So in Capricorn are paying all the debt and excess of the previous years.

In 2017 -2013, so about next 5 years, there will be a crisis about the debt, such as inflation increase, interest rates, or something. This will stop money printing and will create a small drama.

Can look at other planets like moon for short term trading. Start investing in the new moon, which is when sun and moon are in same sign. Never invest in an eclipse.

Investing in new moon and selling in full moon. There are university studies on this. Typing things like new moon stock market into a search engine brings up loads of information on this.

The returns are 3 times greater on the stock market if buy in new moon and sell in full moon compared to just buy and hold. Research on this covers over a 100 year period. Have to consider Pluto for these returns.

Investor needs to work out if want proper returns, or just beating index. No point beating index, if index is going down. Then beating the index, is just making less of a loss than the index.

Mercury when retrograde in that period a lot of news from one place to another and no one knows what to do, so best to do nothing because of most communication. Can still go up if out comes out good news during Mercury retrograde, but is risky as all uncertain so best not to invest during this time.

Need to look at whole chart and interpret it in with regards the situation. It is not a 100% as is not a pure science.

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