How to be a successful entertainer

Speak to the audience like they are your best friends. So for each person is like the entertainer talking to them and the show is just for them.

People want to see life and energy, so do and be that.

Do the entertainment with the audience, not at the audience. Of course the audience does not have to do anything.

After each performance, look at it, as always can do better. Then next time, do better. If want to be a good entertainer, will never be satisfied with how you have done. Otherwise will never be a great.

Always be original, yes it means you a different to other performers, but that is needed, otherwise there is nothing new and the audience will be bored by the same old thing.

With stage fright abd being nervous, remember that the audience wants you to be good at entertaining them. So wants you to be good.


For comedians they want to see a jester, like the old court jester. The jester is the fool and idiot, they want to see somebody who is nice but dim and stupid. By laughing at them and what happens to them, they feel that the people in the audience are better than them, and that is what they like. They feel like they are winners and superior.

To be funny, the comedian has to feel funny. That is actually funny feelings, not just believe that he/she is funny. However need to be careful not to hurt or damage yourself.

Need to learn the trade, how to read audience facial expressions, how to play a theatre.

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