Diffusing an aggressive situation

To diffuse a person who is being aggressive, need to do the following.

If you are like these things, it will affect the other person.

By you being a certain way, it affects others.

•Act in reasonable way so they feel that, are effected by it and do the same.
•Have a relaxed, easy going and tolerant manner, like everything is fine and nothing to worry about.
•Remain calm

Listen to what they have to say. This is so they do not have to fight to be heard, you can empathise, be sympathetic and compassionate to their situation.

As you are on their side they will appreciate that. You are doing all you can for them.
Give them attention and so look them in the eye.

Be reasonable and say reasonable things.

This means that both parties do all they can to do the best.

By morality being there, people are influenced by it and do the best. By you being moral, it influences and effects others.

However angry and frustrated you are, must not act from that. Need to act from love and giving to others. That is what other people want and to receive, not your frustrations.

A temper is a luxury cannot afford. You are the one that calmly goes in there, points out that both sides want an agreement as they both have things can gain by getting from the other side. War will mean both sides get hurt.

They may be angry with the previous person they were talking to. By talking with you they can start again, there is no loss of pride from backing down as their argument was with a different person.

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