Responsibility and Risk

For a person to succeed they must take responsibility and risks.

Not being a sheep

By a person taking responsibility, they can do whatever they like as they fir pay making it, doing it and also for the consequences if they are wrong.

This means they do not have to do what others tell them, because they do not need their approval or resources to do it.

So they can do their ideas, views and actions. They are free.

If they want others to be responsible as they do not want to take the risk themselves, then they must do what others agree to.

Without taking responsibility and risks a person will need others to do so, or there will not be anything.

So the person ends letting other people take responsibility and for this is effectively done by doing what they are told by the person who takes responsibility. They also end up doing what everyone else does as then they are not responsible and they can claim that others are.

This may seem to be easy, comfortable and pleasant. However this is just going along with the average.

Also if a person does not take responsibility they have no control, as they have given that the person who takes responsibility.

The reality of the universe is bigger and greater than what people decide to do and whatever people decide to do, reality and the consequences will eventually catch up with them.

Being at the bottom of the hierarchy

This refers to who are the entrepreneurs and managers, compared to who are the workers.

The people at the top are the ones that take risks and responsibility. They are the ones that take the risk and hire the other people. So they are in control

On business they are capital and wealth as as they that take the risk. It is the people employed who get paid each month or week even if things succeed and fail. As a result they work and get the money from the owner who is the one that has taken the risk. The owner gets the profit.


So to be genuinely creative, need to be true to yourself and do what is right and not what other people do. To do this a person has to take responsibility for their choices and actions.

This means taking the risk in case they are wrong, as a person will only truly know once they have or are doing it.

Without risk they cannot be trying anything new and going beyond the limits of what they can already do.

Normally countries and things are created by a person taking responsibility. Then other people want to have it, control that person etc.


To be truly moral, a person has to take responsibility for themselves and their actions, without this they cannot know if they are doing the right thing.

Also otherwise they are doing what the average does and everybody else does. This is not necessarily doing the right thing.

Not doing routine, habits, and traditions

Doing what you did before, may seem safe, however it is not necessarily what works now, or even what was the best thing to do in the past.

Listen to your ideas, look at what is really going on. Also, things change and you need to be aware of that.

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