Great Design

Great iconic cars were originally  designed to be great.  There were no cut backs or compromises. The truth of the car’s ability is important.

As they are so good at what they do, they become icons.

If the manufacturer thinks they can cut back to save costs, because the item is already really good. Even though then it will not be quite so good. The product soon becomes not good enough and not the amazing thing it was before This is because it is so hard to make a great product and this will take away from that. Have to aim to make a fantastically amazing product.

They also need a great artistic designer to create a beautiful exterior and interior. Beauty is important.

Also taking a functional object and making it into an emotional object.

Creating joyful experiences and making people feel that they are rich. 

It also needs to be seen with aspirational people and surroundings to make the product associated with these things.

People also want designs to be escapist and fantasy, so they can escape their everyday problems and boring lives.

People also want designs to be fun, exciting and entertaining.  The best way to hide something is to make it so boring, no one wants to, or is interested in, looking at it.

Creating a design with great things in it

Great design is where the designer has really put their heart and soul into it, there is no other way and it cannot be faked.  This creates a design with heart and soul.

The designer also have to care about spirit and beauty, for those things to be there.

To create great design, the designer really has to care.

All these things can be seen, experienced and felt in the design.

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