How to find out what someone is really like

Feel them

Feel the person feel them out got a person can fake externally, but your feelings will reveal the truth.

It is possible to feel if someone is judgemental, kind, evil, angry, happy etc.

If you start to feel angry when you are with a person, that person is angry.

As everything is one, you can see them by the effect they’re having on yourself your feelings, your thoughts, your spirit etc.


This is not just seeing, it is observing looking.  By practicing this skill a person’s observation gets better and better and they see more and hear  more and more.


Everything is one, the whole universe is one.  So by putting your consciousness on another person, you can experience them, the physicality, psychology, spirit and connection with the Divine. 

You can do this and experience, as much as you can your own self.  This is just by focusing  your consciousness on them.


The more you experience different kinds of people, then the next time that facet presents itself in another person, you will recognise, be able to see and understand it from before.

Be interested in others

Most people are not aware of others because they are not interested in others. They are so obsessed and involved in the ego of I and mine.

To be aware of others have to be interested in others, not just I, me and mine.

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