Masculine and feminine

These are both forces in the universe, although a person may have a physical sex, and a male or female soul.  A person can still focus or meditate on a certain concept to get what they need at certain points.

By meditating on these different concepts, principles, energies, a person can understand , appreciate, connect, generate and work with them.

It means that a woman can choose to do more masculine energy.

A man can choose to do more female energy.

The energies

Male: Force, strength, resilience. It enables a person to endure and be okay with pain, be courageous, strong, forceful and if needed to fight.

Female: Nurturing, soft, comfort. It enables a person to care for others, feel cared for, comfortable and loved. Also to see other people’s point of view

General Situations

In a crisis of physical or psychological hardship, masculinity is great.

However for a soft, nurturing, comfortable life, femininity is good.

So in warfare, times of physical difficulty, when under psychological attack, when heavy and hard things need to be moved, done and built, the masculine principle is needed so can fight, stay firm, strong, persevere and not go all over the place.

In times of sadness, when a person is hurt, when repair, comfort and empathy is needed, things need to be pretty, beautiful and comfortable, then the feminine principle is needed.

Specific Situations

Women often do not like going to parties and large social gatherings by themselves. For the strength to cope with it, they often need a man, there are of course solutions to help women do this without needing a man.

If a man has trouble in going to large groups, parties etc. where they do not know people, it can be that he need to become more masculine. However if the man go so excessively extremely male at the social situation, he will not have some of the more feminine characteristics needed to be socially capable.


For a man to be attractive sexually to women, they need the masculine concept which will affect their behaviours, expressions, posture etc.

For a woman to be attractive sexually to men, they need to focus and be aware of the feminine concept which will affect their behaviors, expressions, posture etc.

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