Attracting women, what to do on a date

Where to go

The girl loves it if the man has done his homework to find what and where she likes, or will like. It shows he cares about and loves them.

What to do

As long as the lady likes that kind of thing, must feed them, however if just get them drunk it will just get silly and 24 hours later she will forget you. A romantic dinner is a must on the first date to get the lady’s romantic juices flowing.

The lady must see it that love is the man’s first priority.

That you like her

The man must make it really clear that he likes her.  As a result would like to see her again.

This must be done that the man really likes her and would like to see her again.   This must not done in a pressurised taking way, but that he is giving to the girl. He likes her, he is not taking and pushing her around.

So at the end of the day to make it clear  would like to see her again, when you are free and make it as soon as possible, because you really want to see her.

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