Communicating with God

God has little interest in people who are just constantly asking and wanting for things for themselves .

Also people who just read the same old formal prayers repetitively out of a book, to a point that in the end it becomes a tired routine to them and the meaning behind it is lost.

God wants people to ask genuine questions, genuine conversation and ask about genuine issues.

It can be about the person themselves, or it can be about the whole universe and world. It just needs to be relevant, as if it is not relevant to reality, it will have no effect on reality, so it does not deserve an answer and the person does not get one.

The question can of course be about the present or the future.

We are made in the image of god so it is like how we are with other people.

God does not want people to just talk about themselves, it is more interesting when a person asks how the other person is and is interested in them.

So if a person genuinely asks God what God would like us to be doing for God, then God will reply.

The person may not get an answer instantly into their mind, the idea, words and images may come into their mind  possibly days, or a week later and they will have come from God.

It can happen with an omen, such as something happening in the physical world which symbolises the answer. This also happened at the time, in the future, or any moment relevant to that situation being asked about.

The answer often comes when the person is relaxed and not being self obsessed over their own issues, so they can be aware of, see and notice what God is doing.

However a person genuinely asks,  they will be given a mission, or job, this is a big deal not to be taken lightly!

God is about doing service, what a person should really be doing and a mission.  So it  can be a big deal full of sacrifice and hardship.

Which is why many people are not interested in asking and truly communicating with God.

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