Routines, habits and traditions

After done something for so long, get used to it, it becomes normal to the person doing it.

Then they do not realise it is not how it should be and how things actually should be.

Routines and habits means a person has set ways, that make a person boring. They are doing their habits and not seeing the world.

Habits can cover all aspects of a person and their behaviour, for example:
●Being late or early to things
●Courageous or timid
●Lying or truth telling

Bad can be changed by:

●By asking yourself questions to show how a habit is not based on realty or constructive
●Being aware or awake so not having to rely on habits
● Being open to change
●Doing a different thing each time until the habit changes.

Good habits can be useful as they free up the higher mind to do more useful things, such as the automatic habits that are used when driving a car so the higher mind does not have to be bothered with this.

However need to watch them so can be improved and changed.

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