Simple and complicated

Things in life are actually very simple.

Life itself and how it works is actually very simple.

For example the masters of physics theory could put their theories into one sentence.

For example Hook’s law ‘Every equal load on a spring, causes ab equal extension, until it reaches it’s elastic limit’

If a person writes more than a sentence to say how something works, then they do not know what they are talking about.  So if a person has to write a whole book on something instead of a sentence,  they do not know what they are doing.

It means they cannot tell what the real answer is, so have loads of rubbish in there as well as do not know what is the bit that really matters.

In business, normally it just needs 5 or  less simple measurements to see what is going on in a business .

People make can also make things complicated to show that they are clever.  They try to make it so others will not understand, for example by using complicated and less common words, when this us not needed.

People also often want to think something is a certain way, or choose a solution because it is clever.  However the reality and best solution is normally very simple, unexciting, boring and not entertaining.

It actually takes work and intelligence to make things simple.

They make it complicated so out of their own pride they can think they are clever and to show off they are clever on front of others.

They also do it to create jobs for themselves by making it complicated so others cannot do it, or people feel they have to be paid a lot as  only very clever and hard to find highly skilled people can do the job.

So if a person explains something in a complicated way, either they do not understand it, or they do not want others to.

Being overly indulgently intellectual

Having a good intellect is important. Just like a muscle, it needs to be used and challenged so it grows.

However just like a physical challenge, an intellectual challenge can be intoxicating and something to show off. So the more complicated it all is, the more intellectually challenging it is. This can lead to a person wanting to create complicated solutions abd pretend the problem is complicated for fun of it, when a simple solution is closest to reality.

The best answer to a problem might be simple and mundane, but that is not something that shows off how intellectually clever the person is and so is not glamorous.

Also by being very intellectual, without also experiencing and being aware of life, can lead to complicated concepts that bear no relation to reality

Right in front of us

The answer can be right on front of us, staring at us, telling us, and we think that it is too obvious, simple and easy. However that can be the answer.

Life is simple, we just make it complicated.

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