Often think that are being aware of things that are not their ego, such as God, a specific concept or something else.

However often is still the ego, because looking at my God, my concept, my other person.

It is very hard for a person to look at things outside the ego, because the ego itself is only interested and about I, me, mine.

So need to be aware using higher parts of oneself which can be aware of others as they are.

Things that trap us in ego

Fantasies can trap us in ego, for example that a person is a big important executive when actually are quite a junior one. Once a person realises the level they really are, they can really do things.

Ego is often thinking about how wonderful you are, how wonderful you look, how wonderful people think you look, and so on. You are just looking at positives and even things that are not there or real. Fantasies shout how wonderful you are.

It’s very tempting because there is a lot of self gratification.

When operating from a higher place, people respect you and other things, but it does not matter to you as are not looking at them.

So you do what is right and not what gets you attention. Whether people notice you or not makes no difference to you. You do what is needed by others and right.

Using astrology to see you are in ego

It’s very hard to tell if you’re right in ego or operating from high places (teferet in Kabbalah).

When it is a full moon, or close to a full moon, I have a hard time sleeping. This is because I’m in ego lot and the ego is affected by the moon. By being aware of this and the effect the moon is having on me, I can see how much I’m in ego.

This frees me up to see the higher parts of my psyche, Teferet, the part of my psyche which is my sun sign.

By seeing sun sign part of my psyche, I can see this higher of my psyche and what I should be doing in my life. Also the ego things I’ve been doing to show off and are not what I should actually be doing.

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