People are here to get experience from which learn from, we are in a school and learning how to get to the next level.

For example that war is bad as people loose their lives and loved ones. 

The only real way to learn is experiencing things.

A person can have the information, but the only real way to learn is to experience it.  Then a person also learns what direction to go in.

For example a person can read a text book on how to swim, but only once done it, do they know what it is like with the waves splashing against their face, other people jumping into the water etc.

A person starts is innocent in their first incarnation, this does not mean they are good and bad.  They get karma for their good and bad actions.

An innocent person tends to go along with what they are told and so are accordingly sometimes good and sometimes bad.

They fall for the lies told by others and fall into the trap of being tempted to behave badly as they do not know better.

They have not yet done enough to have seen the consequences and experienced the results.

Experience leads to a person becoming wise.  That is why a person has to do a lot, experience different things and take risks in trying things that are new, going to harder levels etc.

The best way to learn is from the experience of others, but need a high level of consciousness, awareness, observation, empathy etc to do this as then really experiencing, seeing, and feeling what other people do.

Need to take heed of the old and mature souls of the past, present and future, who warn, phrophesise and give guidance to every generation based on laws of karma and Divine principles.

When a person meditates, they actually have to experience what they become aware of. That experience becomes part of them, so they can change. To advance a person who has to experience it, not just read it in text books or think about it.

By being mindful and aware, a person can learn far more from their experiences. They can see that when they did not act morally, things did not go well and so regret it. Without being aware and mindful they would not have seen, experienced and so learned from it so much.

Young souls

As a person gets more experience they see, experience and realise that

•Everything they do has consequences

•They are not the center of the universe. They are infinitely small compared to God and nothing relative to the other 6 billion people in the universe.

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