People are often athiest because:

They cannot cope with God being better than them

They prefer to mock people and beings that are better than them

They want to feel that they better than them. That is why they do not want to worship God.

In truth as the universe is one, the better God is, the more they benefit and are. However athiest people see themselves as separate to God.

The wise person praises and honours what is better than them.

They want to be the centre of their own universe

They want to be the person that controls everything, everybody else looks up to and so God is competition to that.

Being in control

God is in control, but the ego wants power and to be in control.

By being aware of God, a person becomes aware that God is in control and not them. The ego does not wants that, as wants to think that it is in control of everything and to be control of everything.

Also to be aware of God, a person has to be worthy, for that a person has to be willing to do what God’s will, which of course is not the will of the ego.

Basically the ego wants power over others.

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