Co operation always wins over co operation, because of the evils of putting others down, that can come from competition.

However competition is better than doing nothing.

It can be right that the person who is best should be doing it and that is the positive side of competition.   The best thing is if people do the best they can for others, but only one person can be the leader or do certain jobs, so naturally the person who is best has to be chosen for the sake of the people receiving the benefit of that service.

However the aim is to do the right thing for others and not just to try and acquire. This is the correct choosing of a person when done ethically.

A person’s selfish motive to compete can be:

  • To be the person that gets the customer and so makes money.
  • To show to yourself and others that are the best and these competitions can be a way that businesses motivate their staff.   The status of being the best.    This can infatuate people though to work excessively hard.  It can also make people go too far in order to be the top dog, such as dong something too risky or immoral.



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