Good and evil

Fundamentally there are two forces, energies in the universe, good and evil.

All the complcations of all the good and bad things in this world basically stem from these two.

Once a person can recognise these, when they meet a person, they can see how much good or evil a person has, it is that fundamental.

Good is about:
▪it looks at the good and beautiful things in life
▪good just does the job and does not think about getting things.
▪to be good a person thinks about the needs and welfare of others.
▪good loves and respects God, as God is about morality and doing what is right for the whole universe and God.

Good creates warm, light and shines. As it is good and for all the good karma goes on and it becomes more and more amazing and wonderful.

Evil thinks of itself, is about wanting, getting, having, taking. In this taking, grasping, things in it’s territory just die. Evil just sucks things in and takes over. Once there is nothing more to take, it dies. As it thinks about itself, it takes no account of others.

To change sides, a person simply thinks about:
▪ the needs and welfare of others
▪ the needs and welfare of God
▪what God wants from yourself

this will grow and over ride the person thinking about themselves. This is especially because there are so many more people than the person themselves (and on top of this there is God who is infinite), so the needs and welfare of others takes over and a person cannot do this if they are being selfish.

A person should listen and look at what good recommends and advises, instead of what evil says should do.

By serving God a person does what is right, as God does what is right.

Also the divine good and does not think of itself. That is how a person can be on that level.

How to spot if someone is good or evil

A lot of hate: evil prople hate things that are good, not just things that are bad. Whatever event they go to, thing they see, or people they meet they hate. This is because they want so much, nothing is good enough.

Good people are happy with just what they need and that is very little. So good people like things, like all good things and are positive about things. A good person should hate evil, but a good person does not relish or take pleasure from hating evil, but know has to fight evil for the greater whole.

Lust: If something is put in front of them like a joint of meat to eat, or money, they want it too much. They will not be able to stay good and do the right thing when they just want so much.

Field force: Can tell from a person’s field force if they are good or evil. Can also tell other things such as if they are innocent, or wise.

Good will and ill will towards others

If you ever feel like hurting damaging or injuring yourself, or even committing suicide, it could be because you are near someone that has ill will towards you.

If someone does have ill will towards you, it is horrible. Will and choice is a very powerful thing in the universe. It is the first stage that fundamentally effects and determines what is.

There are psychological and spiritual levels, so by being aware of what happening to yourself, you can realise are affected by those things and so become aware of what is happening on these levels.

If a person has good will towards you, you will want to achieve feel good about yourself, improve yourself and be happy.

To have goodwill towards others, practice having good will towards others. It will lead to you becoming a more good person, friendly, helpful, benevolent, kind hearted, considerate, thoughtful and so on.

People with good will have better social skills, because people want to be near them as they feel they have good will towards them. This accelerates into the good person being in a better world.

For the person who has ill will to others, it is also very self destructive and they will be shy with bad social skills and so on.


Evil people do not take into account that every action has consequences, and inevitable results. This is also a good way to change a person from evil to good.

For example:

  • hitting someone else, means that the other person will want to hit back and so the person will get hurt.
  • A thief will eventually get caught and punished, it may not be for their first crime, but they will eventually get caught.

Evil does not like good as the light shows it for what it is.

Evil wants to take and have things. It also may not want it for the right reasons.

Evil just takes from good, evil dies once it has consumed good as there is nothing left for it to live on.

Desire and wanting things

People often do think that desire and wanting things is bad.

However it actually depends on what the person wants.

If a person wants to do good wants what is best for all, to serve God and do what is right, then it is good. The stronger the desire and want for this is the better it is.

Without this desire to do good the person will do nothing and that is bad.

So it is not the desire that is good or bad, it is what the person actually wants that determines it.

A person who really wants to do good and really wants what is best for others, has the impetus to create a lot.

Of course a person just wanting things for themselves, without any thoughts of others, will go down the path of evil.

Other ways to see good and evil

Aim: Good has the aim of doing what is right, not just what advances it’s own self interest.

Caring: Good cares about others the whole universe, that caring is a big deal, it realises all is one. It means has this great perspective.

Further information

To be a good person needs a huge heart.

This is huge feelings and emotions that spill over into the world and others that cares for and thinks about other people in the same way as the person thinks about themselves. In that way the person is and thinks about other people.

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