Social skills (needyness)

If a person needs a lot from another person, that person will not want to be with them. It is a huge turn off when someone is needy and people will not want to be with them.

The person will feel and be able to tell that the other person needs these things from them and that is a big liability because the person needs these things so much.

People do not want to be friendly with needy people, because their needyness means they have to have things from other people. As a result they are taking from others and not giving.

It means that this other person wants to take and get this thing from others.

Needyness also makes a person look weak and pathetic because:
▪why do they not already have that thing?
▪why have other people not wanted to give it to them?
▪they are out of control, self control and pathetic, as they have to have it so much?
▪they are dependent on others as have to have these things, so in the hands of others. As a result others can control them.
▪they can be desperate and stressed about if they do not get them.

A person maybe needy because:
▪they have faults and need that person to compensate for those faults.
▪they do not have certain things in their life and need that person to fulfil them
▪they are greedy and selfish so have to have things to satisfy them.

Needy people have huge fear, anxiety and stress about getting the thing they need. This is also horrible and unpleasant for other people to be around.

Many times, the harder a person nervously chases something – the less likely they are to get it.

They may, in fact, actually drive it even further away.

Things a person may be needy for

Approval from others:

Makes a person pathetic, it is like they are a jigsaw puzzle with a bit missing and they have to suck in approval from others to get it. They look all over the place to see if people are giving approval, showing off to get approval from others and they look desperate. They look like they are not enough, do not have enough and do not think enough of themselves.

A person wanting this may also psychically transmit words and pictures to other people saying how wonderful and amazing they are except etc. All these things to get approval.

A person is only wanting approval from others as they do not approve of themselves. So the first cure is for a person to do things so that they approve of themselves.

Getting attention:

This is normally because the person is a nothing and has not achieved anything. The cure is to set about achieving things even small things which are based on reality.

A person may be so desperate for attention they do things to attract attention. That they might even do things that attract negative attention, like being bullied and other things, simply because they want attention so much.

Being reliant on getting approval from others

It needs to be that you don’t need the other person or people to think you’re great or good. You are just fine and happy with your life and how you are.

If you need other people around you to think you’re great, they won’t be so comfortable with you and they can’t depend and rely on you so much and have confidence as you are so needy. This is because they know you can only perform it if you have this from the people around you.

if people talk telling you you’re great, it doesn’t normally mean you’re great, it means they can tell you need to be told that.

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