Empathy means being joined, connected, together, with someone.  So when they experience something then you do too.

It really means that the empathic person is so with the other person, that they become one, as they experience what the other person experiences.

To do this a person must not think about me, I and themselves. They need to think about the other person and being with them.  It is thinking of the other person, being with the other person, for the sake of the other person.

Then a person can:

•experience them
•be the other person and their world.
•be happy when they are happy, be sad when they are sad
•be joined, connected and one with them.


It means a person can be more moral because they are aware of others, experience others and so others matter. It especially can stop someone from being a psychopath.

It means a person can become aware of others on a psychic level. As everything is one, a person can connect with others and be one with them.


A person wants to be social with others, it means they can do things together with other people and are not alone. Examples are eating with other people, spending time with other people, doing things with other people, etc.

Empathy means can do emotions with other people, so being with them on an emotional level. So can be happy with the other person, sad with the other person and all the other emotions.

If a person is sad, it is nice and attractive for them, to be sad with other people. This means they are going through it with others, together, supported and not alone.

By feeling with others you are in the same place as them and so can help them. By not feeling things with them, you are in a different place, so cannot be with them in the same place.

Also when a person is empathic with another person, the other person feels that the first person is on their side.

Empathy is what enables therapists to work out other people, their problems and gain their trust.

Being empathic means that a person is not alone, they will not feel alone.

If a person is not empathic, they can be with loads of people on the physical plane, but psychologically and spiritually they will be very much alone. This will also mean that they will feel alone.

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