Stress is very dangerous.

Stress on a physical level is a hormone and strain. On a psychological level is an energy, feeling and emotion.

Stress can lead to a stroke, heart attack etc

Stress is caused by doing things, so there will always be some stress.

The bigger or harder the thing, the more stress it will cause.

However stress is often accelerated by the person’s aim, attitude, why they are doing the thing, how they are doing it etc.

Causes of stress

Entertainment and stimulation:

People can get stressed purely for their own entertainment and so they do not get bored. Just like a person watches a television show with a drama, adventure and so on. Another example is driving down twisty, turny roads and driving dramatically for fun.

People make their life more dramatic, have dramatic thoughts and create dramatic situations for their own entertainment. Without this their lives are quite boring as there is no drama.

In this way people actually enjoy stress. It makes people feel alive and without it they feel dead. Then when a person looses their stress they feel sad that it has gone.

Thinking that what they are, have, could gain, could loose are really big. This is of course ego!

It is best for a person to focus on doing good for God and others. Not doing silly things like creating drama and so stress for their own entertainment.

Stress, a person not acting within their limitations. For example a person getting older and not realising their real age, so acting like they are younger than they are. This causes stress, uses up all their energy etc.

Turning energy into stress:

When a person receives energy from above, it is neutral and up to them what they do with it.

A person can decide to turn it into stress and create stress.

They choose to create stress energy.

Impossible aims:

An impossible aim maybe to do something:
▪more quickly than can be done
▪without paying tge proper price such as time, energy, learning, money etc.
▪bigger than what the person is currently capable of doing.

Doing something morally wrong or illegal

Can lead to huge stress and fear. Trying not to get found out and stave off unavoidable karma.


Also doing something impossible like win against an adversary who is better than you are, leads to huge stress.

Advantages of low stress

Low stress is important to look good in photos. Stress makes a person look rigid, ill, pale, unwell, unattractive, not nice to be around and unhealthy.

Stress means that the body cannot maintain itself as it is so busy with the stress. Small examples are hair loss, lack of appetite as cannot digest food properly and so on.

Low stress means people will like being with you and you will look good.

Problems that stress causes

Stress is very damaging.

Looks: A person with stress looks terrible, their skin colour is terrible facial expressions posture and everything is wrecked and destroyed by stress.

Health: stress is very dangerous for health, leading to strokes, heart attacks, massive weight loss and all kinds of other issues. It basically destroys the body.

Socially: People do not want to be around a person with stress, they do not want to be exposed to that energy. As the world is one it will come on to other people. They do not want that and will react to it. As they pick up your stress and become more stress themselves they will react and behave worse with you.

Mentally: a stressed person is all over the place, they cannot concentrate and perform. They are focused on the stress and not on the job. The stress just takes over and they cannot function

Cures for stress

1, Need to realise how dangerous, damaging and bad stress is. This means that when a person is in a situation that causes stress, they realise that however great what they will receive it from doing the stressful job, it is not worth it compared to the cost of stress.

They must then realise what the cost of stress are, which are highlighted above.

2,. Regularly monitor your stress by being conscious of it. Just by being conscious of it, the light of awakening means that it will be seen, so it will get sorted out.

Yes there are opportunities, but also be aware of your limitations.

Sadly when a person is the most stressed, they are less able and aware, so may even think they are less stressed than they really are. This is when electronic stress monitors are useful.

3, This is a big one! Become aware of, meditate and focus on the causes of stress. For example when going along in daily life, if notice a job comes up that will do within the next day and observe that your stress is increasing as a result of thinking about this or doing it. Then you can make changes needed to reduce stress, such as setting a new target of doing it in a longer time, or doing less of the job.

As a result of this and see what is causing stress.

Other things are:

Realise what you are, have, could gain, could loose are not really big. They are small relative to the rest of the world and also impermanent.

When a person thinks of the needs of welfare of others, they do things for others. This bebevolence overides and so stops the person being selfish.

Stress is often excessive because a person is being selfish and it comes from their selfish fear or desire.

If a person cares about the needs and welfare of other people, they realise that them being stressed is not good for others and is not helping them. It is an unpleasant energy and emotion that is not good for others.

For example it is important to give other people emotional support. This cannot be done when a person is stressed, because of negativity and horribleness of stress emotion and energy. When a person is stressed they are all over the place so cannot be supportive to others. By wanting to give others emotional support, it takes the person away from being stressed. This is because they focus on being things for others and not for themselves, as they are not so selfish.

4, When energy comes down it’s neutral, but it gets turned into lots of different kinds of things, sadness, hate, happiness and someone.

You can decide what energy types who would use if your energy. If you use stress, anger, sadness and so on, what kind of energy is you will use.

Choose not to get your energy from stress, it will be there and don’t repress it, but just don’t use it. As a result it will become less important and matter less.

When you have energy, all the different kinds of energies emotions and feelings, decide just to use the useful and good ones.

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