Kissing (advice for men)

A kiss has to be like it is from a man, so not a little peck like it is from a wood pecker. Pecks are for birds, nobody wants to go out with a bird.

It has to be like the man really wants her as she is so lovely and beautiful, full of passion.

If it is on the lips then a full long kiss like you really want to be there. A french kiss needs to be full of love and psssion.

It is a way of the man communicating to the lady how wonderful and beautiful the man thinks she is and a way of giving her pleasure.

Women find a good kiss from a man romantic, because it is a way of expressing how much he loves her. 

This is why it also has to be done romantically and not like it is a kiss from a friend.

Also scientifically the testosterone in the man’s saliva goes to the ladies mouth and that makes it and him attractive.


A woman does not feel anything in her lower regions for a man unless, she is french kissed. Full on, tongues doing their stuff, your tongue around hers and then your tongue goes around the other way around hers and so on, says Patti Stanger.

A lady may think that a man is not that great, not be interested in him and think he is rubbish, but when he french kisses her, she then thinks that he is amazing and everything changes!

It is important to try and kiss a lady both on the lips and with your tongue on a first date if possible.

Yes a lady may be wary and may not feel comfortable to have sex with a guy until many dates later on, this to check he is serious and they are comfortable with him. However girls like kissing and that is okay on a first date, girls want kissing with lips and tongues, they see it as romantic.

However be careful to not upset or annoy them by trying to go further than kissing if they have not signified or seem that they want this.

Hence the Cher song:
‘If you want to know
If he loves you so
Its in his kiss
(Thats where it is)
Oh, its in his kiss, thats where it is’

A woman does not feel anything for a man unless she is french kissed, tongues going around and doing stuff.

Women love to kiss and do not see it like they are having sex with a man. As a result they can kiss on the first date and kiss loads of times on the second date and it has nothing to do with oral sex or sleeping with a man.

The man will get bored and want to take it to the next level. The girl will want to kiss on and on and on, they will not get bored. For the girl it is romantic and part of the man loving them.

A good kiss:

•Is gentle so they know you love them

•Stong enough with you and how you do it that they get your masculinity, otherwise there is nothing for them as a feminine lady to be attracted to.

•Movement otherwise it is dead and there is nothing going on. Slow movement to so it is pleasurable, but can do fast a bit on occasion to keep it interesting. A kiss where you press your lips against their’s for 10 seconds does nothing, there needs to be movement.

•Variety: lots of different things otherwise it is boring. Your tongue touches and moves around and along, different parts of their tongue. For example touching end of your tongue with the end of theirs. The side of your tongue with theirs.

Needs to be done with the passion that you love the lady and really want her.

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