Psychological progress and being sane

To become sane and psychologically develop, a person needs to be able to change their views.

Change is hard.

That is why most people only change when the pain caused by their old way is so great it is truly unbearable or the situation will result in their death.

They also need to be able to face the bad points, or dark parts of their psyche.  The rubbish, excrement and nasty bits of a person’s psyche are far more painful than physical pain of blood, guts and injury.

This is because the psychological world is so much bigger, greater and more potent than the physical world.

Also it is humiliating and injurous to a person’s pride to face their bad points, what they are wrong about and they have done wrong.

However these things are needed to be able to psychology progress and improve.

The older a person gets the more a person’s ego becomes more locked and fixed, so it is harder for them to change.   On a person’ s twenties it is quite easy, forties is harder and most people cannot do it in their seventies and especially in their eighties. This is unless change has been part of their way throughout their life, so their life is about change.

A person whose ego is too set and fixed so cannot change, they will have a hard time growing. They are already dead and thei funeral a mere detail.

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