Self esteem

If a person has low self esteem and is insecure, they cannot cope with ideas different to their own, because they cannot cope with the fact that they might be wrong.

A fragile self-esteem makes people unable to cope to the slightest criticism, even if it would be constructive to them.

So to compensate they become narcissistic.

Then they tend to compensate with an inflated sense of their own importance and a deep need for admiration.

They create this feke mask of ultra-confidence.

Such people also try and believe that they’re superior to others and have little regard for other people’s feelings.

A person with low self esteem also refuses to accept that someone else, or something else may be great. This is because, to feel better about themselves, they try and believe that everything else is rubbish. This means they loose out from enjoying other things and learning from them.

They chase after other people saying they are great, to compensate against the bigger truth that they themselves do not think that they are any good.

They go after wanting other people to think they are nice and great, status, show, ostentation, showy career and competition stuff.

However it is superficial and other people can tell it is fake, not real and the person is really empty and nothing.

The paradox is that this which is done to compensate makes it even worse as it is even more feke and superficial.

The person becomes obsessed by the mask, they focus even more on feking it, the superficial and so become even more empty.

The only real solution is for a person to be real, value other people, caring genuinely about other people, so become fuller and more real on the inside.

As the higher inner levels are more powerful and create the lower levels, the person comes more real on the outside. Also other people on their inside can tell that the person is real.

By working on real creation, things done regardless of show. Then there is a real base, depth and genuineness.

This leads to real self esteem as it is genuine construction and creation.

People who have genuinely achieved and created things, not superficial show, have nothing they have to prove to themselves and so not need to prove things to others. As a result they do not need and are not wanting compliments from others.

Not giving others power over your self esteem

A person has control over their self esteem. Other people cannot control it.

People can give control of their self esteem to others and not realise this in fact cannot be done. When a person does not give control of their self esteem to others, then ladies want to be with them as they are more together.

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