A leader is someone that others follow because they want to.

A manager is someone that tells people what to do.

For example a leader will go up a hill and others will follow them because they choose to.

A manager will tell other people to go up a hill but not do it themselves.
Having people follow a leader because they want to and follow the leader’s example is the most effective.

Most people just want to tell others what to do and not do the unpleasant and difficult tasks needed to set an example.

To be a leader

1, help people all you can. The leader is there to serve and help the people in the organisation. This is also the only way of setting an example, that it is organisation that is positive and creative.

2, Set an example: it does not matter what the leader says it is the example that will cause the effect. The leader can say anything they like, but if they do not set example, nothing will happen.

For example, a leader can tell people to be honest, but if they do not set that example, people will be dishonest.

The leader must have passion and live it for real.

3, Reward and punishment: the leader needs to work out the behaviours they want to happen and reward and punish accordly.

The need to be in balance too much pain assessment they will hate you too little then the bad people take over and all is lost.

If the leader is too generous there is nothing left in the organisation and it goes bankrupt. If not generous enough, then nobody wants to do anything.
How to get people to follow you.

It needs to be the people follow the leader because they like, respect and think he or she is the best person for the job.

People think that the person is the best for them. So a leader must welcome people to come up and ask him questions. He answers them honestly, to the best of his ability. Also being honest about when he does not have the answer.

People will only work for a leader and as a team, when they know the leader truly cares about them.
It must not be because people see that the person has been promoted to that that position, but they do not think the person is worthy of that the position, so is having to gradually do what they told.

So people do what they are told because they have to, or they will be fored, not because they respect him, think he is the best for the job and want to.

The leader needs to have confidence in what are doing, only then will other people have confidence in them too.
People want love and support, people will go along with and go with others in order to get that.

If the leader looks like they are strained, few will follow.


If a person is not confident in themselves, what they are doing and saying, then no one else will either. As a result no one will believe in, or do what the person is saying, so they cannot be effective. Also a person has to be confident to be effective.

If a leader is truly confident in themselves, then other people will be as well.

Also staff will want to do their own thing and even take authority away from the manager. If the manager is confident in themselves and what they are doing, the staff member is less likely to do that.

Other things

A leader takes people with them, so people want to come along. A leader does not boss and tell people what to do.

However in a crisis, someone has to take control as there not time for a discussion, so the leader does tell people what to do. However people should be trained and have practiced what to do in a crisis, so that should rarely happen.

This is because as many crisis situations as possible should have been prepared for and things need to continue even if the leaders is killed.

Difference between a leader and a manager

A leader people want to follow, a manager just tells people what to do.

People do what a manager tells them because for example, in the job they want the salery, or that manager has been put in charge even though people don’t agree with it, but they have to do what they are told.

With a leader people know the leader is good at it as they have seen them actually do it. The leader does it and they follow behind the leader.

So if a mountain needs climbing, the leader climbs the mountain and the other people follow him. Even if it is unpleasant and uncomfortable, the leader will do it if it is something they are asking people to do.

As a result people can see that the leader is the best one for the job, gets on with it and good at it. As a result they will follow.

A manager does not do this, people just do what they are told because the manager tells them what to do it. If there is something unpleasant uncomfortable the manager will not do it, just tell others to.

A leader is with people so that they can talk to them and people can ask them questions. A manager does not, just stays in their office giving out orders.

It is leaders who create great organisations, not managers.


A leader just tells people the direction to go in and they do it. It means the leader needs to spend a little time on the business as staff know the direction to go in and do it.

However a manager does not say this Direction, just the massive micromanagement details of what the person needs to do as they do not know this direction.

The manager has massive amounts of work to do as the staff do are not able to do it all themselves.

The leader is far more effective as staff know what direction to go in and just do it, this also means the manager can delegate and has to use very little of their own time.

Safe and happy

People working in a business want to be safe and happy. It is the job of a leader to make them feel that.

This also has the advantage of enabling them to perform better, because they are in a better environment. The staff can also take risks because they are feeling safe and happy. This is from Simon Sinek.

Why people think they should follow you

People will only want to follow you, if they think that you’re great, perfect, everything in your life is going great and you have the answers.

They think if your life is going well, then that shows you know what you’re doing and what you say must be working and worth listening to.

Of course if there’s something people know is going wrong and they ask you about it then you have to admit to it or they don’t trust you. However don’t lay all your problems on other people and show them, as then they will see you have concrete boots, not trust you and be so interested in what you have to say or do.

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