Feeling insecure around people

Peter O’Toole said on the threatre “Acting is just being a man. Being human. Not forcing it. Some make it their entire life. Big mistake. Laurence Olivier fell into that category. He was a tiny, strange, vain f—er.”

I take that to mean that around people one must just be a man (or a lady if you are a lady), be human and not force it.

People who make their careers their entire life do it as they are small, strange and vein people.

That could also be interpreted as ‘be true to yourself and do not force it’

People who are insecure often put on an act, joke excessively and all kinds of things. They do this to cover up and divert away from what they really are and cover up their insecurity.

The insecurity is that they are not good enough and people will not like, respect and want the real them. The answer is to become a more ethical, better, kinder and more capable person.

They are often also superficial because they cannot face their selfishness, the answer is to become less selfish.

You need to be fine with people looking at you. Let’s say you’re in the line getting coffee at a coffee shop, you have a right to be there, you have a right to take the time needed to put the milk in your coffee. You have a right to take the time needed to do things, turn to anyone push you.

You must be fine with people looking at you going down the street and so on, even let’s say if you are on stage with hundreds of people looking you.

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