How it works

If when dating a person is confident that they look good, then other people will think so too and want to go out with them.

If a person is socialising and that person is confident they are a great person to know then other people will think so too (so they believe that everyone wants to get to know them, thinks they are a great person to know. As people are sheep they think that if everyone else wants to know them then they must be a great person to know)

If a person is selling a product and is confident it is good, then other people will think it is good as well and will buy it.

If you are confident that you are rich then other people will think that you are rich too.

If a person is dating and is confident that they are appealing and good looking, then other people will too and they will do well dating. If for example a person has a lack of confidence with a certain feature about themselves, other people will have a problem with it too and it will draw attention to it.

This works because:
▪everything and all people are one, connected and together. So if you think something then others will too. Be careful not to abuse this!
▪if you believe it then you will act like it is so and other people will believe it. It will actually change how you act and behave.


Confidence is about a person knowing that they can do something, it is positive and about creating things.

Arrogance is about thinking about oneself relative to others, it is a selfish thing of thinking that one is better than others.

Ultimately a good person has confidence in others. A good person wants to help others by having confidence in them which helps the other person do well and and achieve things. So a good person looks up to others and thinks that they are great.

It is fine to be confident that you are great, but do not go down a dark selfish path of thinking you are better than others, think that others are rubbish or put other people down.

People will like you if you have confidence in them, look up to them and think they are great. People will hate you if you look down on them and think they are rubbish.

The dark side

Also be careful not to go into a fantasy world and loose contact with reality. The best thing is to be successful and these real successes will feed your confidence. If you are a failure this will destroy your confidence.

Success if done for oneself can also lead to arrogance or complacency, thinking that one is God’s gift to a organisation or whatever the person has been working with. Things are created, eminated and formed by God. If we do what is right then God makes it work. A person must never egotistically think that the success was all down to them.

The best way to be successful is to be good and not evil. Good deeds lead to greater success as they are deserved, as the deeds are all for God and for others. Service of God and so others also creates the rught perspective.

Good karma and doing good

You also need to be confident about others as this will have a good effect on them and they will really like it.

Having confidence in others also enables them to be great and do things they could not otherwise do. It creates goodwill which helps them to be constructive and brilliant.

By being confident in others, you will get the good karma of being confident in yourself.

Know who you are

Are person can be insecure and not confident because they do not know who they are.

Every person is created by God for a reason and has a place and purpose in the universe. Once a person knows who and what they are, then they can be confident because they know they
should be there and are valid.


Confidence is essential in everything about person does. A person would not bother to do something, if they did not think there was a decent chance of succeeding.

People who are not confident in something are often not able to do something properly, as confidence is intrinsically needed for doing something.

For example if someone is not confident in how they present themselves, they will not present themselves well and it will show.

Signs a person does not have confidence

They need the approval of others attention from others. Ironically this makes a person more dependent on others and needy. So they are less interesting to others, less respectable and so they also get less respect and attention. A confident person does not mind if people do people do not notice, respect and agree with them.

They cannot accept criticism, even when it is true and the benevolently given.

They need status symbols

They cannot cope when someone else tries to take their girlfriend, a confident person would believe that she would rather be with them. For the same reason they cannot even cope if a girlfriend is hanging out and chatting with other people in case she goes off with someone else.

Doing things which are not right to get the approval and acceptance of others, like letting other people rip them off or take advantage of them.

Do unwarranted things to get the approval of bad people. This may mean doing things which are not necessary or are unjustified. For example saying sorry when have done nothing wrong, making themselves look stupid in front of others.

Blame other people when they themselves have got something wrong. They also cannot take the blame when they have done something wrong.

All these things to make the man less interesting, impressive and nice to be with.

When with other people and you get things wrong

In real life when gets things wrong, should apologise to others if it affects them. Be truthful and honest and pay for mistakes, otherwise will pay for them later.

However as a performer need people to think that material is good. Of course the best way to do it is to have good material and therefore be good. So will naturally build up confidence on the back of this reality.

For a performance, confidence is essential. Investors often do not understand the product they investing in, just base it on the confidence and certainty of the founders pitching to them.

The same can be so many other things such as music or comedy performances. The audience think that person is confident in their material, so it must be good.

However if the audience does not respond to the material and the performer panics, the audience will then panic and feel insecure as well. The audience is not able to enjoy it as they feel the nervousness and panic as well. Also the audience believes it is rubbish, as has had it confirmed to them by the performer.

The natural reaction is for the performer to get nervous, panic and speak faster etc. So the performer must learn as a reaction to become completely calm and relaxed.

They speak even slower than before, etc. Deep slow breathing is also good as the body effects the psyche, as everything in the universe is one.

Done correctly, the audience will think that the material must be good and they just do not understand it, because the performer is so calm and relaxed about it. So the performer is so calm and confident about it, that it must be good.

Speaking slowly and not rushing

For comedians, if a joke is going badly then it can be tempting for them to speed up to get to the punchline.

It’s best to slow down in those situations, so the audience see that you’re confident. The audience think it must be good because you’re confident in it and so they think it’s good as well.

Speaking slowly shows you have confidence, you have the time to do things and don’t need to rush them.

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