The first thing is to establish a target.

It could be to become aware of the people who died and are still hanging around from after battle on a battlefield.
However you may see things you do not like, or more than you can cope with. So make sure you can then focus in a different direction, frequency or just turn it off.

The main thing is to practice.

It is also very easy to think you are focusing on others and other levels, but the the ego means we are actually focusing on ourselves.

A sign we are actually focusing on our ego / ourselves is that things are more dramatic, excessive and over the top. This can also happens because the ego can think it is everything, the entire universe, when of course it is not.

Being aware of the psychic and spiritual levels need a person to be aware of a level more subtle than a feather gently touching an eyelash.

Being aware of others from the effects they have on you

Everything is one.

Become aware of the impressions, effects, that other peoples’ feelings, emotions, thoughts etc. are having on you. Just like ripples across a pond from a stone having been thrown in, that move other places and things in the pond. Other other peoples’ feelings, emotions, thoughts etc. will come over to you.

This means that a person has to be very aware of themselves, so can be aware of the effects that others are having on them.

For example, only once are aware of your own thoughts, can a person then be aware of others people’s thoughts in them.

Everything is one, so if another person gets angry, you will get angry too and will be able to feel their anger.

So to be aware of someone elses feelings, look at your feelings to be aware of yours.

So to be aware of someone elses emotions, look at your emotions to see theirs.

So to be aware of someone elses thoughts, look at your thoughts to see theirs.

Physic travelling

By thinking of something you are there, whatever time or space that may be. This is because the psyche and spirit are on a higher level than the physical, they are different worlds.

Consciousness can travel and go anywhere.

On that level a person can be with different people, places, forces, beings, concepts and worlds throughout the universe and spiritual levels.

First imagine it, then you are there.

Make sure you do not abuse this, the penalties for abusing it are great and this power will also be taken away from you.

Also make sure that at any time during your travelling, you can get back to yourself. Also that you get back to yourself afterwards, or you may be lost forever.

Also need to ensure that no spirit or psychological being takes your body while you are away, so please do keep an eye on it.

Reasons people may not use their psychic abilities

Facing painful things: When being aware of things, can become aware of and experience painful things. This can be on a physical, psychological, spiritual and divine levels. A person can only tell that they are unpleasant, once they have become aware of it, so this may stop them from wanting to be aware.

To stop being aware of things, simply face or focus your attention on something else.

Not being taken over by other things

External beings who are manevolent can try and take you over. You need to have these self-worth to be able to stand out yourself and make sure you don’t let them.

Demonic possession often comes from when the person doesn’t value themselves enough, so they think why would anybody else.

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