What women want

Women are not as driven by looks as men.

Women want:

▪A man who makes them feel good and beautiful, a lover.

A man loving them, makes them feel good and beautiful. The man does things for them because he loves them, become she is so wonderful.

▪The king of the jungle. Like the lion is the king of the jungle.

▪A man who is good in bed.


Girls do not want arrogant men. They want sweet, nice, kind and still masculine.

What women do not want

Freaks: guys who are into wierd stuff in their views and opinions, what they do, sex life and so on.

Nerds: guys who are ugly both in looks and behaviour, without skills such as courage, emotional intelligence, social skills and so on.

Playboys: men who just want to sleep with them, then as have no interest in a relationship will move on to another lady. Women of very wary of this and will do all they can to tell if a man is like this. For example women will make sure the man is really interested in them as a person, wants to spend time with them, does lots of things and so on before letting the man have sex with them.

Of course women want it to be that the man is turned on by them, attracted to them and really wants to have sex with them. However if the woman is not ready and comfortable to have it at that occasion, so early in the relationship, or the man does not also want a relationship with them and to be with them as a person. Then the woman feels cheap and used.

Other things women want

A man who is smart, this is both so they can be a good provider and so that they can stimulate the lady.

A man who is smart so can give them advice and who is right most of the time, but is not arrogant about it.

A man who is totally devoted to them.

A lot of women want a man who will look after them financially and emotionally. As the man is masculine he can be a rock that is fine through all sorts of emotional weather they may be going through. He can listen to them, support them, be there for them and will not get blown over. Whatever happens he will be there to support them, remain stable and okay. Many men think they have to show off, in fact they just have to be a strong, stable and there for the woman. With the man there, they will be okay.


This basically stems from loving them.

You hold that hands, you look at them like you love them, are gentle with them, have loving feelings towards them and all the things that express and show affection.

To women this is more important than sex, affection is really important.

The dynamics of male and female

Feminine energy is beautiful, wonderful, fantastic, fun, and so on. However it needs the masculine energy to be able to protect it so it can do and be these things.

So a woman will look for a secure man that will give them this security and protection, so they can be the best possible feminine energy.

If during the relationship the man doesn’t give them the security, such as being, a pushover, temperamental, unreliable, feeble, timid, and so on, then they will do not feel secure and they will leave the relationship.

The feminine may even come up against the masculine, try to push it around, test it and even push it around. Here the masculine must provode boundaries, so it can still provide security for the woman.

Of course the masculine needs to protect the woman, so she can be beautiful, wonderful and express her feminine energies.

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