How to appear classy

In definition times this just means someone has high status in society.

However a person can have achieved power and money, but still be viewed as a  not classy person because of have a look and behave.  This means they are looked down on by classy people, who also do not want to be with them.

Classy people have things and behave in a benevolent way.

Softness, refinement and non aggression

No sharp movements, in fact as few movements at all. Even when walking there is no swagger, as as smooth and as little movement as possible outside just walking. Sharp and large movements mean aggression and less refinement.

Each movement starts smoothly, ends smoothly, with no jerking inbetween. The start and stop are all completely smooth with no jerks anywhere.

This also makes everything look easy and effortless.

Body movements controlled and organised so not all over the place.

Jokes in movement also make things appear uncontrolled.


All hair combed neetly in place, clothes are new so materials not shaggy and falling apart .

Giving and service

Classy people have a sense of morality, doing the right thing.

Avoid ‘I want’ both in word, deed and feeling. This is a dark selfish hard hole of wanting to suck things in and is not classy.

Doing things properly

They speak words fully and do things properly.

Doing things slowly and quietly

As somebody who is high class has everything, they do not need to rush, panic and shout.

Everything can be done nicely, slowly, carefully, properly, quietly and with ease.

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