Wisdom from meditations

This is wisdom that has come from my meditations:

From inner teacher:

A person associating themselves with things

Sadness, bad behaviours and other things come from a person associating themselves and being with bad people and groups.

This could be a school they are at, place of work, social group involved with, restaurant eating at, location where live and so on.

The universe is one, a person is affected by what is around and with them. Being around bad things will have a huge effect on a person.

So it is important to be with, working with and associated with good people.

The ego may think it is separate and can resist such things, but that is the ego’s illusion of being separate.

These things can also cause habits and influences that it may take many years to find the cause of, especially if they were part of a person’s education or school when they were younger.

Less evolved beings

Think of the less evolved, timid beings and people.

Do not be so right wing looking down on such beings, be aware of them, love, sympathy and compassion. They do not have the knowledge of people who have been able to advance, teach them.

Over long periods they will evolve and grow.

When at the higher levels

At the higher levels need to be able to look at things, without wanting to grasp and have them.

This means can look at the things in the higher levels and things there, because have the purity to be able to be worthy, and allowed to be there.

The person is then not taking from and dusturbing these higher levels, with the lower level of crudeness and morality they may have.

So are allowed to see the things in the higher levels as not damaging and disturbing them.

This is because are not taking from and muddying these higher levels with the selfish grasping.

When a person is more moral they can take part and be involved, but until that time they can just look, watch and learn.

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