Open minded

Being open minded means to be open to being aware of other people’s views

▪An adverse judgment or opinion formed beforehand or without knowledge or examination of the facts.
▪A preconceived preference or idea.
▪The act or state of holding unreasonable preconceived judgments or convictions.
▪Irrational suspicion or hatred of a particular group, race, or religion.
▪Detriment or injury caused to a person by the preconceived, unfavorable conviction of another or others.
▪To cause (someone) to judge prematurely and irrationally.

Causes of this maybe

The biggest reason is that once a person is open minded they will inevitably have to change. As the person becomes aware of different ways and points of view, they may see ways that are better, or that their way is wrong. Then they will have to change.

It is easy not to ponder and consider other people’s views maybe the opposite of your current views.  A person can think they already know the answer and so not look again.

Pride or insecurirty at their own self worth and low self esteem may mean they cannot think that they may be wrong or somebody else knows better.

This could be because of preconceived ideas, things a person has been told, or certain previous experiences which are not in line with most of reality.

Going along with what another person or group says or believes and not thinking or looking for oneself.

Consciousness and awareness is an important for being open minded,  because it means a person can see things directly, rather than just what  they have been told.

Being able to tolerate, be open to and cope with things that are different to oneself, is another essential part of being able to do this.

Also exposure to things that are different to oneself and one’s own views.

Open mindedness is essential to progress, move on and go upwards in line with the upper and spirit worlds. Otherwise a person is just repeating the old patterns, not adapting, changing and progressing.

God and the higher levels

Being open minded is especially important for being able to be aware of God and higher levels. A person may have different ideas to God on many issues.

The ego sees God and high levels as separate to itself, even though in truth everything comes from God and is one.

So to be able to perceive God and high levels it is essential to be open minded so to be open to and perceive the higher levels. The reasons above can prevent a person from being open minded.

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