How to appear intelligent

When talking to people, they have certain things they can use to judge whether the person they are talking to is clever or stupid.

Speak clearly, enunciate words properly so that the sounds are as clear and easy to hear as possible.  Each sound is properly crafted so each part each word comes out with perfect clarity and precision.

Make it seem that you find it easy to get your words out, put sentences together well and express yourself as you are intelligent.

Movements should also be precise, accurate and well crafted .  If a person’s hands and other movements are all over the place, they appear stupid.  This is because their brain not able to properly control their body.

So big movements and sounds where a person cannot precisely control themselves properly, makes them look stupid.

Wise people listen, stupid people talk a lot.  Just by listening to what a person is saying, they presume you understand what they are saying and agree with them. So they think you are clever enough to understand what they are saying, even if you do not. Also as the other person thinks that what they think is correct, if you agree with they say, they also think you’re clever. 

Please also look at the section on body language and facial expressions.

Avoid saying stupid things 🙂

Other things

By speaking clearly, properly and fully enunciating the words, it is easier for a person to understand what you are saying.

They can hear, understand and process what the person is saying much better and more easily.

This is because they do not need so much mental effort to process what is being told to them. As a result the they can easily accept the information.

Know what is going on and can act appropriately

The world has lots of different and changing things all going on at once.

An intelligent person is aware of all these different and changing things going on.

It can be seen that there intelligent, because they are able to do things about and with all these different things going on

So for example when in a room with loads of different people and situations, they are able to be aware of, act and do things for all the different things going.

Whether it is different facial expressions to all the different people, solutions and contributions to the different things going on etc.

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