To ascend to the higher worlds, the psyche has to be integrated, balanced and ordered.

When building a tall building, the higher it is going to get, the more it has to have strong foundations and be well balanced, or it will fall over or fall apart.


Meditation is to ponder, refect and deliberate something. Basically putting your consciousness on it so you become aware of it.

This means that:
▪your whole self including the subconscious goes in that direction.
▪you consciously become aware of it so can do things about it

So for example, meditating on morality results in:
▪a person’s whole being goes in a more moral direction
▪one learns about morality
▪becomes more conscious of it.

Why is hard to meditate

It is hard to meditate as realise:

●The ego is not in control of anything. It all happens on higher, more and greater levels. As a person sees this more and more, the higher levels they go to, and more they become aware of. So they see there as there is a higher, more and more, and a greater world relative to their ego.

▪A person also becomes aware that everything is impermanent. So everything below the level of God inherantly has the pain of loss and it means facing and experience those pains. Also things are never the same, always changing, as it is perceived it is already changing. Everything comes and goes. So one is constantly being aware of change.

●Part of becoming conscious means becoming aware of more and that means becoming aware of the unknown. One can never really know what something is until it has been done and experienced.

The Ego

To become properly aware a person needs to escape the cage of the ego.

Scarily a person may think that they are in the real world experiencing things, when they are still in the cage of the ego.

For example a person may their that they are looking directly at and experiencing God in their meditation, but actually they are looking at the ego’s idea, image, or belief of what God is.

To be aware of things, have to look at things outside the ego, such as others. The ego has little interest in this as is not itself. The ego is only interested in itself.

The ego wants to be the one in control of everything, instead of it being God and will do lots of tricks to remain in charge.

The ego just thinks and looks at I, me. When a person themselves is one with everything and not a separate I, or me.

People may egotistically talk and tell things to God, but to be aware and learn from the higher worlds a person must watch and listen. Talking to the higher world creates noise that gets in the way of that.

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