Worry is often a selfish ego thing where a person is just thinking about their own wants.

A person can worry about others, but then the worry is not so in excess, which is what causes the problems. It also tends to be more constructive.

When a person is thinking about how to do things, then it is not worry. Worry is when a person is thinking about if they will get the result or not. So worry is about thinking about the reward, which is of course the reverse of just getting on with being constructive.

The ego is just thinking about it’s wants.

The ego just does routine, habits, customs, traditions, so nothing new is thought out it is just repeating.

As a result it is just using up energy and not creating or working out anything new.

The answer is to look and ask yourself if ?

▪these thoughts are constructive and finding a solution, or just worry.

▪it is something you can change, if it is not then advise yourself to stop worrying about it.

▪a person has a choice whether they are going to worry about things. A person can choose just not to do so.
How worry makes a person look in front of other people

Worry makes a person looks less able and capable. This is because it if the person is worrying about something, that evidently means they cannot do it, or are not good at it.

By a person focusing on their worries, they are focusing others on things they cannot do, which is like focusing other people on their negative points.

It also makes a person looks weak, people worry about their weak spots and flaws, worrying is higlighing them.

A person can be worried about something and still look generally cool. This is because so much is going well and great in their life, that the worry is just one thing, so in relative terms it is not much and they still look good.


A good way to not panic is realising that panic does not help. It actually makes it worse.

Don’t worry about things that are inevitable

Don’t don’t worry about things that you can’t change.

Don’t worry about things that are inevitable.

You are eventually going to die, that is inevitable.

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