Emotions and feelings

Emotions are higher than feelings.

Emotions last longer, feelings are more transient.

Emotions are energy like petrol for a car, people who oppress their emotions tend to lack of energy.

When a person gets happy, sad, angry and so on it is energy.

When a person with strong emotions gets angry, other people are scarred of and so very cautious with them.

When there is an argument, it is the person with the strongest emotions that wins. That is their destructive force and power.

When a person with a weak emotion gets angry, no one is worried.
Emotions are senses of the soul

Emotions enable a person to feel if what they are doing is good or bad, right or wrong.

If it is bad, they will feel it is bad and that it is causing bad emotions.

A person who wants to do evil, often oppresses their emotions to help them do this, so they do not feel the hurt, pain, hate, anger, guilt, regret and so on that comes from doing evil.
The world is one

When a person with strong emotions is happy everyone else in the room feels happy.

When a person with strong emotions is angry, everyone else in the room gets angry and does not know why.
Managing emotions

Emotions need to be left to run free, like a river. If they are blocked of oppressed it lead to problems. Even worse if a person denies their importance.

However there are times a person needs to control themselves in times when their emotions are not right for a situation and even gently effect emotions.

For example if a person is angry, it is a good idea not to take decisions until after it has passed, decisions made from wrath end in disaster. Although of course if a person needs to fight, they need anger for the emotion to fuel the fighting.

If a person is angry and goes to a party, their anger will leak onto other people, other people will be annoyed with them and not know why.

To effect your emotions:
▪imagine you have different emotions
▪try changing your posture and
▪try changing your breathing

However before doing any of these, make sure you fully know what the above and your emotions normally are, so you can get back to your who you really are, your natural state. If not the person will be stuck in this unnatural state and not able to get back to who they really are, which of course would be a disaster.

However using these, a person can move their emotions to be happy sad angry and so on.

Ultimately a person needs to let their emotions be well and free. However when needed they need to control their emotions, not their emotions control them.
Relating to people

People can relate to and feel comfortable with people who have the same emotions as them. As a result of these are the people they will have a close connection to and like to be with.

People often dislike other people who have different emotions to themselves, because they are different to them.

A person can only be successful at something if they are passionate about it. This is like saying a car well when it has petrol in it and it has an engine that can use that petrol.

Passion is when there is a lot of emotion.

However morally it must be a passion to do things for others, not a passion just to have someone for oneself.

Big emotions

When energy comes down from above, it is neutral, not happy, sad, angry and so on.

However the type of person and what they are going through, causes it to becomes one of these emotions.

Emotions are the energy behind what a person is and so socially are a big thing. The more powerful a persons emotions are the more powerful they are. When a person walks into a room or does anything, an ingredient to who is the most powerful person and amazing person is the person with the strongest emotions.

To get strong emotions:
▪let the emotions flow, nurture them and do not control them so much
▪meditate, become conscious and ponder them.
▪a person gets what they need, just like how doing physical work means the body gets more muscles and fitness. Doing things that need more emotions, means a person gets better, more and stronger emotions.
▪A person gets the emotions and energies that’s a deserve and need. So if the person does a lot in life they will be blessed with lots of energies. If they does evil, they will not be given so much energy.
• Need to be challenged: just like a physical muscle only grows when it is challenged by lifting heavy weights. Emotions grow when they are faced with a challenge that needs strong emotions. Such as managing large amounts of, challenging and difficult people and situations. Arguments, building large physical object. Having to get other people to be peaceful which needs lots of peaceful emotions which will spread, enimate, grow and effect things.

A person cannot cope with more energy than they can handle, so the more energy one gets, the bigger a person’s vessel is to be able to cope with it. So a person’s vessel can grow over time.

It can be seen how a person cannot cope, when they have more emotional energy than they can handle.

The emotions and feelings are a body in themselves which effect the physical body. Signs a person has weak emotions are:
●They slouch, do not stand up straight and do not sit up straight

Why some not have powerful emotions

Emotions can be painful and unpleasant, far more so than physical pain, as the psychological world is so much greater than the physical. This is why many people do not let themselves have them.

People who do immoral things are especially prone to repressing, or not facing their emotions. This is because of the regret, guilt and other painful feelings and emotions that sooner or later come from such actions, which they do not want to face and cope with.

Institutions which ask people to follow orders that might be morally wrong, get people to oppresses, or not look at their emotions. This is so they cannot feel that the orders are wrong and so they will follow them.

Happiness and sadness are two sides of the same coin. People happy when get something and sad when lose something. So sadness is going to happen anyway.

People who get incredibly happiness, also get incredible sadness. By going so high up with happiness the rollercoaster has to come down as well. These are the people who end up being manic depressive.

A good way to be is gently happy.

People often use alcohol, sugar, caffeine and other drugs as a way of coping with sadness, it is not just because they want happiness. Sadly though this just puts it off to a later date, when the drug has worn off.

A way to cope with sadness, is to see it as part of the tapestry,.

Another way is to look at the beauty in sadness, which makes it more capable with.

A person basically needs to have courage to be able to cope with emotions and that is why it is so hard to be a real and good actor

Having a heart

The heart on the psychological and spiritual level is where the emotions come from, or to be more precise energy comes down from the higher worlds and becomes emotions.

To have big, good and wonderful emotions which makes a person lovable, need to have a big heart. This means that on an emotional level the person cares about others as much as they care about themselves. So they become, kind, compassionate etc. on an emotional level, so have a big heart.

Caring is an emotional thing, so a way to become more caring can also be worked on, on an emotional and feeling level of sympathy and compassion.

A person with a cold heart, so does not care about others, has no sympathy, compassion and love is not lovable, likeable or easy to be with.

Social and the emotions

Giving a person a compliment or love is an emotional thing, so is about generating these emotions, the emotions and feelings behind it, which are more than just the basic word said. That is another reason my emotions are so important in social skills.

If a person says a compliment to somebody else, but has hate in their heart, it is actually more unpleasant for the recipient.

To be effective at speaking, a person has to have strong emotions and feelings, otherwise there is nothing there and people will not even notice you are speaking.

To be interesting person also needs to talk about situations where there are strong emotions and feelings.

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