Need to be humble so able able to listen and learn from others and not just talk.

It is about learning and looking for people that can teach you new techniques to do it better, not just spending time doing the same old thing.

Never loose sight that the objective, it is to make things better.

One needs to be self critical and have self discipline. It is very hard to face yourself and what you have done wrong.

Always look at the long term, find ways to make things better and improve your skills. Aspire to improve skills.

Things can always be done better, there is always room for improvement.

To learn, need to be able to change as new things, or changes, are different to what was doing before.

When people think they know everything they are wrong, as in truth compared with God and the universe, humans know nothing.

When we think we know, then we block ourselves off from learning.

Learning from experience

Peoples’ experiences dictate their beliefs, but things can happen that are new, different and outside their past experiences. So their past experience may guide them wrongly.

Also new occurrences may cause different results, so if someone relies on their past experience they can be wrong.

An experience may be that someone got away with something a lot of times, such as crossing a road badly, but does not mean they will get away with it every time.

Can either win or learn

When a person succeeds they have not learned anything, they have just done what they can do.

When have failed, is because:
●doing something not done before
●something has happened that not had before
●not done it before
●not know the answer to

So to learn, look for things you cannot do.

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