Social skills (respect)

People want love and respect (see article on respect)

To do this need to
▪look at the persons good points ▪express their good points
▪lift people up about you

The higher and greater you are the more you can’t lift other people up.

A compliment from a prince means a lot, a compliment from a tramp who has failed in his life means less. So use this status and respectability you have, to lift other people up and make that lifting other people up of other people worth while.

When lifting somebody up it may make you feel less in relative terms, because they are above you.  In absolute terms os is not though. However you need to be generous in that way as it is about being a good person, the positive karma will also pay back with you getting more respect from others, from God and more self esteem.

Never put yourself down in order to make other people feel better, people who want you to do this are evil.  It is damaging for yourself, as the world is one you are also damage others by doing this.

However be careful not to show off about yourself, you are using your respectability to talk about and lift up others.

Body language

To do this.

When talking about others you express respect towards them
▪look upwards to look up at them and tilt your head a bit higher like you are looking up to them.  This is like you look up to them which is a respect thing.  
▪look at them in the eyes, the white of their eyes, as looking at the black centre is too intense.
▪Open your eyes and raise your eyelids
▪Speak with higher tones when mentioning them
▪Speak gently
▪Raise your body up, sit and stand straight

When talking about yourself, to be modest, do not look down but do not look up in the same way.  Do not do the above stuff so much, so you are saying that your stuff is okay, but not showing off.
▪look down more, tilt your head downa bit lower.
▪do not look at them so much
▪Do not smile so much
▪Open your eyes and raise your eyelids so much
▪Speak with not such high tones when mentioning them (average tones)
▪Speak normal volume
▪Not raise your body up so much, sit and stand straight

So when talking about yourself, you express that you are okay when talking about yourself.  This is the balance of not putting yourself down, but also not showing off.

Of course though, when you are selling something, you express how great it is using the above.


A compliment needs to be with love and respect, you need to really feel it.

You are lifting them up, looking up to them.

The more powerful your emotions and spirit are, the greater and more effective the compliment is. The more powerful the love, respect and happiness is of the compliment. There is a greater wave lifting them up.

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