Know yourself

This is needed to progress, you need to see the truth of yourself and situation. 

The biggest challenge is to just look and see yourself impartially.

A person tends to be partial by thinking that they are great and the best.

The hardest thing is to be honest with yourself,  the ego will make all kinds of lies to cover up the bare bones and shame of what you really are.  It is so hard to face and live with what you have done wrong and are doing wrong.

The ego seeks to think that we are great, it is how it gets pleasure that it seeks.

It does not want to think that we are rubbish, okay, no better than others or the rest of reality. It does not want to any criticism, even if it is constructive criticism and necessary truth about reality, it just sees it as an attack.

If we are told anything that disproves our view, belief or way of doing something. That view, belief ir way is us, so it is an atrack on ourself. So even if it is better that we are doing something in line with reality, it is still an attack on the ego.

The ego thinks that by seperating ourselves away from the rest of the world, we can be better than the rest of the world, but in truth we are one with all.

The ego will do anything not to change, including will lie to us to try and get us to think other things.  It seeks pride and pleasure from thinking how great I am and what I have is. This is done by thinking we are better than others.

You have to look at yourself impartially.

You can look at yourself in the mirror, look at your eyes, face, body and so on.
For example if you are honest you may see a lonely man of despair about a certain failing in his life, just like the honesty you would see if you saw someone in a pub who does not know that anyone is looking at them and you do not really know.

When you chat with someone, they put their show on, which is their mask and that is their ego.

Try looking at yourself in the mirror, but instead of doing it out of vanity to con yourself into how great you are, or only dwelling on your good points.   Do it to see the real. 

Once you say ‘the real you’, it becomes ego and the selfish ego of saying how great you are comes in.  Look at the real world, but not term it as you. It just is the one world as it is, without any regard for sides if I, mine, his, her’s.

Look in the  mirror at your face as you would look at someone else that is not you, or in your team or group.  The kind of person you do not get benefit from, so there is no I, my friend or my relationship which could make you hype up to yourself how great YOUR friend or person in YOUR team is. 

Like a person you see across a room or at the other side of the street.   Looking at the world as a whole, without reflection on I, mine and me territory.

The art is to put the energy at really looking at the world, not doing the ego stuff of thinking about I, me and mine !!!!!!

Most people are just dreaming about having things such as THEIR power, respect, attention, status, sex and money. Their only reason for being is the pleasure and joy they get from dreaming about such things. As a result they are not truly looking at reality.

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