Why younger women want older men

1, Many women have told me that men still look sexually attractive when they are older, even men in their sixties and so on still look very attractive.   Sadly most women do not look so sexually attractive when they get older and in that way do not age so well.   This is an average though and not a hard and fast rule.

2, Men when they get older are more mature and experienced so know more about women, how to make them happy sexually in bed and how to do a relationship.   Older men are also more mature and so adult for chatting about relationships, families and so on with.  

In the elephant world the young lady elephants want the older male elephants to mate with, as they are more sexually experienced and know what they are doing. They know more than the young males that have no experience and do not know what they are doing. It is the male that leads so this is important to them.

3, Older men are more experienced so can look after them, younger men are more juvenile so cannot even look after themselves so well, let alone look after them. Some younger women find men their age immature company and people to be with. They can also behave like idiots.

Men generally take longer to become more grown up and women do this earlier, hence younger women often want an older man. Of course a man can still be juvenile when they are in their fifties so this is just an average.

4, Older men also tend to be more financially established and this does matter to them. Women do want powerful authoritative men, this is an aphrodisiac and older men often are more established in their careers and have this

5, For women who are under 40 so want to have a family, younger men tend to be less ready and mature to have a family. Women have a biological clock for when they can have children so do not want to waste their time. They find that younger men are good for fun as they have more energy, but no good for settling down and having a family.

6, Women do not want to go out with a man who is younger than them. They feel this man will not be more mature than them to be able to look after them and protect them.

7, Sadly money is a big thing for most women and if a man is rich they will go out with him even if he is much older although normally they still have to like him to some degree to do this.

Other things

If a lady feels that a man is much older so that socially they have nothing in common they also will not want to go out with him.    

Of course when a woman gets much older they do not want an ‘old man’, who they will literally have to look after and will not be able to look after them.

Many women feel that if the man is much older than them, socially they will be too different to get on and relate to each other. Often the older man can choose to act and behave in a younger way, so the younger lady wants him. However this is quite a big life choice for the older man to do all the time he is with her. Also history is full of older man who died of heart attacks and so on, keeping up with their younger lady.

Be careful, just like a woman may date an older man for his money, they may just be with him for long enough to get a divorce settlement, even ensuring they have as many children as possible with him to ensure a great settlement and ongoing money.

Women, especially when nearer the age when it is harder for them to have children, will often marry a man that they are not attracted to, or know is the right match for them. They do this as they want to have children quickly before their time runs out, then will divorce him once they have had children.

Their second marriage after this where they do not want to have more children tends to be better, because they go out with the man who is right for them and not just because they want to have children quickly before their biological clock runs out.

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