How to succeed

Doing what needs to be done to succeed, not just what want to do

A person normally knows in their heart of hearts, what needs to be done for something to work and be successful.

However they do not do that and acknowledge that they should do that, because it is not what they want to do.

They then wonder why they are failing, but in their heart of hearts they really know and think they can just ignore that factor.

For example the person knows that to be successful in business you have to take risks, but they ignore and do not acknowledge that because they want to have an easy risk free life. I also do not want to look at, acknowledge and do risks. So they lie to themselves that it does not matter, when it does.

The man who knows that on dates girls want romance and are interested in girly things. He does not treat the lady like a beautiful feminine lady. This is because he wants and is only interested in blokey stuff. He does not want to look at her girly psyche, interests and hobbies.

He does not talk about girly things with the girl, because he is not interested and so fails. However the girl wants to talk about girly things and is not interested in blokey things.

He does not understand women, because he is not interested in looking at the extreme feminine aspects of their nature and psyche, as it is of no interest to him.

As a result of not doing what needs to be done to succeed and just looking at what he wants to look at, he fails.

In the same way a person can fail, because they do not look at what they do not want to look at. Also they do not do what they do not want to do. However to be successful, a person must look at and do what needs to be done for the thing to succeed.

One reason people do not play the game by how it works and just do what they want to do, is arrogance. Arrogance makes the person think they are above reality and how it works. When they get to this stage, even the best experts advisors and people with the correct answers cannot help the person because they will not listen. Arrogant people are often very angry which makes it even harder to help them.


It is the quality of a person’s conviction that determines a mission’s success, not the number of people doing it.

Persistence is essential. Most people fail the first time they do something and the many times they try after that. The person who succeeds is normally the person who tried many many times and did not give up.

When doing something, failure cannot be an option. You cannot go back, you must go your own way and be true to yourself. If you allow yourself to give up, then failure is more likely. You can try different ways, but not give up.

Drive, initiative and courage are also essential, otherwise a person in reality does not do anything.

Need to be able to take risks, the desire for comfort and security can prevent a person from doing this.

Need to be a perfectionist, although a human on earth never achieves perfection, only at the level of god is there perfection.

Need to try and do better and better, trying to climb, reach the top. Only god knows where the top is. It is a spirit of how things are done. This is focused on how well you do things, not about wanting to receive things.

The person is determined, so they do it no matter what.


Focus on the job of doing it and solving problems, not the rewards such as fame, power and money that you want to get.

Need to focus on what trying to achieve. For example if a person looks at the left when driving a car, that is where they will steer it. If firing a gun need to look at the centre of the target, as the body and subconscious follow the directions aiming for.

Need to focus on the aim, so can go there.

However must not be indulgently dreaming and thinking about the money may get from winning the competition, or the next holiday may be going on. Need to focus on the job.

Needed to learn from others, but over obsession with competitors means not focusing on creating yourself and taking focus away from yourself and what you are doing. As a result will get more and more behind. An example is a runner in a running race, who looks at other runners, they will get slower and slower as not focused on their own running.

Being relaxed and focused at the same time

Doing these things at the same time is when great things are created.

You are relaxed, so you’re not using up energies, locking yourself up with stress and good things are able to flow and happen in and from you.

Also focused to make sure you can perform at your best and do the best stuff. This does not mean focusing on doing one thing, it means concentration on the job.

You could also call it, loose but focused.

Becoming a master

Focus on doing one thing well, people who do many different things are not winners in any field. Yes it may be risky just to do one thing and feel limiting. It is also very boring as when one can do it well, there is less of a challenge and novelty left as you have done it so many times.

Other things may look better, the old story of the grass is always greener. From afar other things look better, you only see the problems when you get close and really get into it. You will probably find it is no better than a field you are already in, just more fun and exciting as you have not done it before.

Do not forget how much time and resources went into learning the field you are currently good and you already know. Moving to something else means you are waisting and throwing away all that time and training.

You may think that a different business does not have the problems and bad points of your current business, it probably just has different problems and bad points.

It takes many years to learn a new field, do not get complacent and arrogant from your success in your current field, to think you can learn another more quickly than you took to learn your existing one.

Need to look at every detail, what juniors may not notice, a master will as has been doing it for so long.

Things should always come out better than last time, or progess is not being made.

You may feel limited, like you are just a one trick pony, but it took a lot to become good at and know your field.

How can something so simple be so good, because ultimate simplicity leads to purity.

Also becoming a master in a field takes many years and a long time to learn, it is a big long term investment. Many people want things now, so choose opportunities that are quicker to learn and so give a reward now. These smaller investments often give smaller rewards, so in the long term never really achieve anything great.

Once a person decides their occupation, they immerse themselves in their work, fall in love with their work, never complain about their job. They must dedicate their life to mastering their skill. That is the secret of success and the key to being regarded honourably.

Being around the best people

The best martial artists are the ones who trained with the best people. When they are fighting them, they are mirroring what the other person is doing.

They can see what good is, how to do it, what it feels like and all the techniques.

This is why the gyms with the best fighters are the ones that consistently produce the best fighters. They have the best there, so others can learn from them.

If you are in an organization such as a school and you are the best person, you’re not going to learn anything.

It’s best to be the least good person in organization where everyone is better than you, so you can learn things. Than the other way around.

Being deserving

A person gets what they deserve, work on being more deserving and worthy. Look in the mirror and see how deserving you really are. The worst waste for a person is to try and get more than they deserve, first work on becoming more deserving.
▪ if a person is a con artist they will not get honest people to do business with.
▪ if a person is ugly they would not get a good looking partner.
▪a coward will not win a fight

Natural talents

Must do what the natural gifts you were born with are, for example if a person has a sensitive palate and sense of smell, if a person takes it seriously they will get good at it and maybe should be a chef. The rest depends on how hard a person works.

A person must also do what they like and find interesting, or it will not work. Especially if you manage other people, once they detect you are not interested in it any more, then they also will not.

Being liked

Not having a need or wanting to be liked.

So the person can focus on doing what will be effective, not on what will get them to be liked.

A need to be liked and approved of by others can be a huge barrier to bring successful and making things work. This is normally caused by insecurity and vanity.

People who do not need or want to be liked are the alpha males and those who succeed. They do what is right, needed to be effective, regardless of these things.

Of course if a person is hated so much, or people have such disdain for them that others ensure they are rejected, then they will never be present in a situation to make the change.

However the need and desire to be liked and approved of, can prevent a person from being effective.

Examples include:
▪An organisation where staff numbers have to be cut, even if without that the company will go bust and everyone will loose their jobs.
▪Fighting, even if the person being fought against is in the wrong and evil, they will hate you even more for attacking them.

People like the person who gives them things, even if these things could lead to their ruin, or the ruin of the greater world or organisation. An example could be giving away money that would later lead to bankruptcy, or have to be clawed back with bigger taxes.

This is because they do not see or comprehend, the long term, bigger picture, more advanced things of what is really going on. Also it can be because they only look at what they want, or do not want, they do not look at what is really going on.

Be okay with being humiliated and disagreed with

Whenever a person does things, there will be people who disagree, weather it is out of their own ignorance, it is against their own interests or they greedily want more.

It does not matter what other people think about whether it will be successful, the underlying truth and reality, is what will determine the success or failure. People behave how they do work, not how they think they work.

So if somebody has an idea, belief or conviction in how something works and they are right, listening to other people who disagree may mean they do the wrong thing, or a less good thing.

There will also be people that want you to fail, or who would like you to be like them and do their selfish ways that do not work. I recommend avoiding such people.

Not lazy and long term

Most people when researching things are lazy, so just make the easy decision.

Need to be committed to the project, totally into it.
They are also very short termist, so just make the quick decision.

This is a source of why they just do whatever other people say, copy and go along with what they do.

This makes such people especially easily manipulated and influenced by others.

Be able to face problems

Be able to face when got things wrong and not blame others. Even if it was someone else’s fault, you should have succeded as shouldn’t have been working with that person in the first place.

When got things wrong use it to learn and improve.

Go out and find the problems to solve and learn from. Not just have head in the clouds about bits you got right and how wonderful you are.

Always try and get to the next stage and level. You may not be able to do it now, but by trying and trying and failing and failing. As long as you change and learn from each mistake, eventually you will get there.

Having a purpose

Need to have passion, emotion and love what do.

A person will not be successful, if they are not doing what they love to do.

From a sales point of view, it is not possible to fake it.

From the point of view of actually implementing it, it is also essential.

If have passion for it, will do it, need to have this to really be able to do it all the time and more than anyone else.

Passion means a person really goes forward and does things, when others have given up and stayed behind.

Need to really care about what do and be interested in it.

Need to have strong emotion as that is the energy that makes it happen.

Money is then the by product, not the purpose. If have that, then will make money.

The highest thing is to do something because it’s right, for the sake of God and otothers. It is the most powerful motivation to really get someone going and doing the right thing. This is because energy will come from the higher worlds if it is truly for God and others.
Also have to find out what your purpose in life is, what are made for. For example Marcus Lemonis found out that his was to connect people.


There are many people who would succeed with what they are doing, but they give up too early or do not do it properly. As a result it fails.

There were always doubts when doing something new, but despite these, have to do it properly.

If someone is not committed to doing it 100% and properly, they will not succeed.

A bit like how and actor goes on stage playing a role. If they are not 100% committed to doing it 100%, it will not be good enough.


If working with other people, need to be with people that believe in you.

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